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Taser Sports

Replace lame point scoring with a near lethal shock
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So I am in this dive bar in Asbury Park NJ and the only thing the bar keep can get me on the tube is EPSN2 which was for some reason covering female fencing. At first I think this might be interesting , you know chicks stabbing each other. But it turns out female fencing consists of two chicks wearing some sort of canvas smock trying to stick each other with the blunt tip of a vaguely sword like contraption. When contact is made some sort of electrical doo hicky registers the hit. BFD. Do you think those chicks really cared if they got tapped or not. Totally lame in my view. My idea, connect the swords to Tasers instead of that lamoid tap registering gizmo. Now if one of the fencers gets tapped, ZAP, she goes down. Game over. Now that's a sport. You could also ditch the canvas smocks for something more telegenic if you know what I mean. I guess they should keep one of those new fangled defribulators around.


Taser knife fighting with the hand held units. Not sure how you would prevent juice from travelling from the stabbed, back to the stabbee if there is physical contact.

Taser dueling. Barely legal this. Basically people with a grudge could settle it by firing taser darts at each other.

Taser Team Shootout. Same as paintball, only with Taser guns.

geo8rge, May 28 2006

Taser Sex http://www.colleged...xmoves/sex/668.html
Adult material, not for errr... sensitive people. [django, May 28 2006]


       Since Taser Sex is so passe [link], I think this is a great new variation on the theme.
django, May 28 2006


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