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Supercaffeinated Coffee

Why waste all that caffeine when they decaffeinate coffee?
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Supercaffeinated Coffee: When coffee beans to be decaffeinated are put through the water decaffeination process, the caffeine removed through that process would be ionically captured and mixed with natural coffee oils, which would then be sprayed onto coffee beans to make them "supercaffeinated." When the world wants "that extra lift," we don't want to pop little pills or drink a carbonated beverage that's sickly sweet -- we want COFFEE!! This process would deliver the goods.

By the way, my original misspellings make a great case for the desperate need for this product to hit the market NOW!

wesweswes, May 27 2002

Caffeinated water http://www.bevnet.com/reviews/krank2o/
[half, May 27 2002, last modified Oct 17 2004]

Shock® Hyper-Caffeinated Coffee http://www.extremec...cart=31053631835736
[phoenix, May 27 2002, last modified Oct 17 2004]

Caffeine fatalities (references) http://www.mja.com....annon.html#refbody1
[wiml, May 29 2002, last modified Oct 17 2004]

Ranger Coffee. http://www.rangercoffee.com/shop.htm
[Galbinus_Caeli, Aug 05 2007]


       [wesweswes] One spelling mistake and you'll be a has-bean.
phoenix, May 27 2002

       I fail to see the spelling error. Maybe it's fixed now?
bristolz, May 27 2002

       beens, prcess, wat, deliever ..... however I could do with a cup of this stuff right now - and a toast to absent coffee-drinking friends.
po, May 27 2002

       //coffee beens //   

       //we don't wat //
yamahito, May 27 2002

       Might be expensive but, couldn't you just brew your coffee with caffeinated water?
half, May 27 2002

       Oh, I was looking at the word "caffeine" mostly. I'm getting blind.
bristolz, May 27 2002

       Has there ever been a fatal overdose of caffeine?
thumbwax, May 27 2002

phoenix, May 27 2002

       The last thing people need is more caffeine in their coffee
Chris38183, May 27 2002

       I'm sure if you don't have a spot it won't interfere in the dying process.
bluerowan, May 28 2002

       Unless you're hung drawn and quartered, in which case you'll have four spots.
pottedstu, May 28 2002

       A certain friend of mine worked in a Mental Institution
There was this one guy that would eat spoonfuls of Instant Coffee sans H20
He Loved his Caffeine
Bixbyte, May 28 2002

       I eat coffee beans "raw." I like to buy bags of whole-bean vanilla- walnut- kola- cherry- mocha- frufru coffee and just snack on 'em. I sleep around 3 hours a day (or night, depending on whether I'm being subjective or objective) and feel fine.
jester, May 29 2002

You think I am making it up
I do not want to be specific, my friend worked in a place where they housed low functioning IQ people that they intended to move into surrounding neighborhoods called Group Homes. The people had IQs in the 80s. There was this one quiet one that ate instant coffee by the spoonful and smoked lots of cigarettes.
Bixbyte, May 29 2002

       I don't think he thinks you are "making it up." I know people who eat coffee beans like candy. Personally, i don't see how they can stand it, if not the flavor, the woody texture.
bristolz, May 29 2002

       [bz:] Some people chew on sunflower hulls for hours. And popsicle sticks are addictive, too. Maybe I was just meant to be a beaver.
jester, May 29 2002

       //Even if you are vapourised in a TN blast, you will still have a spot where it happened.//
Possibly you'll *be* a spot where it happened.
angel, May 29 2002

       Bixbite: I had a roommate in college who used to eat instant coffee by the spoonful at finals time. He claimed that if he drank as much coffee as he would need to stay awake, he would spend half of his otherwise available study time disposing of the liquid.
wesweswes, May 30 2002

That goes to show you, that even if you are low functioning you are not necessariliy crazy
Simply a Caffeine a holic
Bixbyte, May 30 2002

tyskland, Nov 13 2002

       supercaffeinated coffee...saw the idea, voted for...maybe now i should read the idea?
schasm, Nov 14 2002

       Perhaps, jester, you have an iron problem...do you chew on your pencils, eat a lot of ice, have brittle fingernails?
bungston, Nov 15 2002

       Perhaps, jester, you have an iron problem...do you chew on your pencils, eat a lot of ice, have brittle fingernails, always wear wrinkled clothes?
yamahito, Nov 16 2002

       Just realize that we are getting second-run coffee. The decaffination process runs water through the beans. That bean water is pure, unadulterated coffee.
lawpoop, Oct 03 2003

       try drinking a pint and a half of java lava now that is a good buzz, especially if you have more normal coffee later. Just don't blaim me for the resulting paranois and queasyness.
engineer1, Feb 13 2004

       Super caffeinated coffee itself is baked, and it tastes foul.
notme, Aug 05 2007

       I KNOW there is a lethal dose for all substances, the croissant I gave you cost me 50 cents, so gimme my 50 damn super-coffee cents NOW!!   

       Really, I studied decaffeination process a bit and this would render it fantastic. Simply look at the figures: they put 98% of normal caffeine off the raw product, and obtain decaf that way. Even if they just sell the caffeine by-product to another company, they're all set. Plus, caffeine is quite similar to theobromine (yes, chocolate IS addictive, and it is partly due to theobromine in it, which resembles caffeine SO MUCH, AND is a natural anti-depressive drug).   

       NEVER TRY the equivalent of 16 liters of Coke, which approaches lethal dose of caffeine for an adult. Symptoms are: lack of concentration, mood changes, nervous tics, ease to get angry, increased anxiety, hands trembling, excess sweating, loss of muscle control, hyperventilation, and if fatal, convulsion, central nervous system collapse, respiratory and cardiovascular stop, brain hypoxia, and finally death.
mayihave, Aug 05 2007

       Caffeine is extracted from green coffee using supercritical CO2; it's then washed using water, and the caffeine is isolated and distilled into powdered form. It is then sold to everyone from pharmaceuticals to candy makers.   

       Meanwhile, overcaffeinating coffee could be easily achieved by instead passing the caffeine-saturated supercritical CO2 into a fresh batch of beans, then dropping pressure to 1 atm to evaporate off the CO2.   

       The result is that the green beans now have a thin coat of caffeine in addition to their internal caffeine.   

       Meanwhile, according to one of the links, it's both possible to overcaffeinate your coffee at the grinding stage, via purchasable powder (be dead careful with it!! Dose a bag of grounds rather than a pot of coffee!!), and to simply buy hypercaffeinated coffee - though, it seems that this is merely beans that are selected for higher caffeine content rather than flavor.   

       Anyway, good thought; if it takes off, caffeine addicts everywhere will thank you.
Fordi, Dec 03 2008


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