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Snap Crackle Coffee

To balance the Yin and Yang of crackly beverages.
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Instant coffee that goes Snap Crackle and Pop when you add water, to put a smile on your face in the mornings. Or to get kids hooked from an early age, whatever.
Jim, Sep 06 2001

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       My wife and I both like sprinkling instant coffee crystals on vanilla icecream. Would be even better with Jim's popping variety.
Dog Ed, Sep 06 2001

       doesn't take much to please you jim
po, Sep 09 2001

       Just add some Pop-Rocks candy to your coffee crystals . . . or whatever.
bristolz, Jan 01 2002

       If the kids get hooked at an early age, it just sucks up the inventory way too fast. I recommend the product be used as an entertainment device for the children. Much cheaper.
janbest, Mar 17 2007


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