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Trolley Coffee Cup

Paper coffee cup that has fold out tabs to hook onto shopping trolley
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I spilt my coffee yesterday as I wrestled with the child the shopping and the trolley. What you need is two fold out flaps on the side of the cardboard coffee cup with a slit that clips over the edge of the shopping trolley this way you can shop and drink you coffee without having to pray it won't spill as you navigate the supermarket.

The fold out flaps could double as the handle for when the coffee is hot (The fold out handles are baked but could not find the clip on version. )

Braindead, Mar 20 2006

Beverage hat http://www.frattoys...s7oMCFQoTGgod-GSsMA
Careful with hot liquids, could burn, baby, burn [NotTheSharpestSpoon, Mar 20 2006]

Coffee cup with hook handle. http://images.googl...S:official%26sa%3DN
This should fit over a shopping buggy handle. [Galbinus_Caeli, Mar 21 2006]


       I hope you sued the vendor...?
DrCurry, Mar 20 2006

       Shirley you can just fasten it with one of the grappling hooks?
methinksnot, Mar 20 2006

       Many stores already have carts(Western USA)/ carriages(Eastern USA) /trollies(The rest of the English-speaking world?) with little cup holders built into it. But until all the stores get them perhaps you should go with the cup hat. (link)
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Mar 20 2006

       Oh nice hat and the coffee would keep my head warm in winter..
Braindead, Mar 20 2006

       You could train the child to hold the coffee cup whilst you arrange the buggy.   

       More seriously, wouldn't one of these (see link) work better?
Galbinus_Caeli, Mar 21 2006

       It sounds like you have enough to deal with already. Why do you want the added complexity of trying to drink hot coffee at the same time?   

       Focus on the shopping first, then with the groceries sorted, go and have a nice cuppa somewhere.
Texticle, Mar 24 2006

       In all seriousness. Has anyone actually seen a working example of a trolley coffee cup. It must be cheap and easily accommodated within the trolley (perhaps clip on style). I think this idea has huge potential.
Wicked, Sep 14 2006

       As mentioned earlier I have actually witnessed these so called "trolley cup holders" with me very own eyes. Truly wonderous it was, full of magic and sparkle, made with finest metal and bolted, I say, BOLTED to the very handlebar of the trolley itself.   

       So don't tell Gunther to throw away the scratch tickets yet, these are baked and your fortune is still waiting.
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Sep 14 2006

       Do you recall the names of the shops that have the bolt on "trolley cup holders". I want to explore the application of these within my business in Australia and it would be great if I could make contact with the shops that currently have these in place.
Wicked, Sep 18 2006

       It would never have occured to me to drink a coffee whilst shopping in a supermarket. How bizarre.
squeak, Sep 18 2006

       Super stop'n Shop in Massachusetts is where I have seen them for sure. I seem to recall any store that has a fast food place built-in, like Dunkin Donuts, McDonalds, etc., etc., are the ones most likely to have these TCH.
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Sep 18 2006


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