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Starbucks Autumn Blend

Grind acorns and pour water over them.
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Acorns can be roasted and ground just like coffee beans. Starbucks should do that, charge whatever they want for a cup, and with enough sugar people will love it. Blame the resulting illness on the Taco Bell next door and you've got a new "coffee" with good profit margins and nobody will be able to compete.
DIYMatt, Mar 25 2013

It's a point of view. http://frrole.com/o...ege-thetimes-london
[angel, Mar 25 2013]


       Here's a funny bun. +
xandram, Mar 25 2013

       What resulting illness?   

       As long as you're either using low tannin acorns or leach the tannins properly (and, you know, sort out the acorns with worms) acorns aren't going to cause any major problems. They make a reasonably nutritious high protein flour as well (doesn't keep well, admittedly, due to the protein and oil content).   

       As a coffee substitute, however, the lack of caffeine is going to be a critical problem.
MechE, Mar 25 2013

       //As a coffee substitute, however, the lack of caffeine is going to be a critical problem.// That never stopped Starbucks.
DIYMatt, Mar 25 2013

       //Starbucks should do that//

The perception appears to be that they already do (linky).
angel, Mar 25 2013


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