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Supermarket Trolley

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A double-decker street car with a modest selection of groceries and home products. Customers can hop on, and shop during their commute.
notmarkflynn, Oct 14 2009

Bulk buy. http://commons.wiki...r_Shopping_Cart.jpg
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Oct 18 2009]


       Sit back, and watch the cabbages fly when you go around a corner.
DrWorm, Oct 15 2009

       I love this idea. I said, I LOVE THIS IDEAR!!! Yes+
blissmiss, Oct 15 2009

       [+] I would assume that in the morning, the trolley store would be well stocked with breakfast and lunch foods (good for those of use who take a bag lunch to work), and in the evening, with a wider variety of foods.   

       I wouldn't want to buy a quart of milk and a dozen eggs on the way to work, even though there is a refrigerator in the lunch room... I'd much rather buy that type of thing on the way home.   

       On the other hand, a pint of milk and a small container of egg salad, might be a good idea. :)
goldbb, Oct 15 2009

       <nemesis>In the wreckage, investigators will be unable to determine whether it was the poisoned produce, knife to the face or immense trauma sustained as the trolley was driven over a cliff that killed the contraption's inventor.   

       That said, nobody will really care.</nemesis>
dbmag9, Oct 17 2009

       You would need a driver and a sales assistant but that is not an excessive staff requirement.   

       The only thing is ... have you heard of the buffet car on some trains? That is the closest I can get to this. [+]
Aristotle, Oct 18 2009

       Perhaps this is just the beginning. Why not apply this idea to Walmarts? Walmarts on wheels would be quite convenient. Only one problem, They would be extremely easy to steal from. You could just grab some merchandise and jump out the window, and it would be as if you were speeding away at (insert how fast car is going here) miles per hour!
ultra-toaster 3000, Oct 18 2009

       You're also hitting the ground at X miles per hour, and thus are likely to break some bones.   

       So unless you're a trained movie stuntman, stealing and jumping off of a trolley might not be a good idea :)
goldbb, Oct 18 2009

       Are there any roads big enough to hold a rolling walmart?
Rmac, Oct 18 2009

       Or turn all the main aisles into giant moving sidewalks, like in airports. Hop off when you see your aisle coming up, and grab what you want and get on. Then there are other ones that all lead to checkouts.
Rmac, Oct 18 2009

       I think it would work much better if they were pre-prepared meals - either to be eaten cold or to be microwaved at work. For one, I can't really see people buying groceries on the bus, and for another, pre-prapared meals would be packaged and sealed which would make the whole cornering thing a lot easier.
Joolin, Oct 18 2009


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