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trolly tiller

pole steers supermarket trolly
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If you push a trolly with a bad wheel, it won't steeer well. But you can always DRAG a trolly where you want (even if it slews at an angle). I propose putting a pivoted pole to the top front of the trolly, so you can use this pole to make the trolly think it is being pulled, while actually you are pushing it. (a T section at the end you hold makes it easier to steer). I had this idea after I woke from a dream where the trollys had a horizontal metal hoop in front, that the user stood inside. But I woke before i had to throw stuff over my shoulder.
pfperry, Aug 12 2002


       so then you'll have to pivot the pole out of the way to put stuff in the buggy?   

       Better to pull from the front, that way you can peak around the corners and avoid being run down like a dog in the street.
rbl, Aug 12 2002

       Run the tiller under the trolley. Another possible improvement would be to connect the tiller by means of two thick rubber bands to both corners of the front of the trolley (tiller in the middle out front, rubber bands running back to trolley), which might make it naturally correct for classic wonky-wheel-pull. I can see problems getting used to steering this, but I reckon you're right: its going to be easier than pushing from the back. Croissant.
namaste, Aug 12 2002

       Invest the money in better wheels to begin with.
phoenix, Aug 12 2002

       Why not just protect the wheels with a metal strip like they have on go-karts.
pj, Oct 04 2002

       Rubber Bands!!?? Are you mad? A rubber band would never stand up to the relentless bashing and general use a supermarket trolley has to go through in its 3-year life cycle. Did you know on average a trolley travels 6 miles a day with a collision every 15 minutes! Problem with the 'Go-kart' strip is ground clearance, unless the curtain-like-flange was shaped in such away that it pushed discarded objects to the side (and eventually to the isle) you'd end up pushing all sorts of rubbish along. apart from that - I like it!
Wooter, Oct 04 2002

       I think trollies would benefit from the inclusion of big off-road mountain-board wheels, and wishbone suspension.
Zircon, Oct 04 2002

       Add an engine, a steering wheel, call it a Land Rover and take Sainsburys by storm!
pj, Oct 04 2002


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