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spray song

mosquito trucks a coming
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Oh, the mosquito truck's a comin'

You know it won't be long

All you fools a star gaz'n

Take shelter 'fore too long.

You know it's just some nerve gas

But what'd you rather have

The West Nile Virus

Or complaints here downtown

The mosquito truck's a comin'

Though my lawn it looks like hay.

You know I could'a watered it

I thought we'd all need a drink some day.

I. Hear that sound. Grbrgrbrdgrbgrbrgrbrbrgrbrh

I know rhe mosquito truck's comin' round

Why can't they loudly play, like an ice cream truck does every day.

The Alice Cooper song "Poison" prior to spraying?

Should I mention we're in a bad drought? And have been since May.

Zimmy, Aug 21 2009


       the wheelbase is too wide... and Merlins don't do too well in rush-hour traffic.
FlyingToaster, Aug 21 2009

       They do when they have a 20mm Hispanio cannon on each wing ....
8th of 7, Aug 21 2009

       //There's also the Molins-armed sub-buster, with a 6-pounder 57mm cannon.// Yes, a lot of people believe that.
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 23 2009

       //They do when they have a 20mm Hispanio cannon on each wing // sp. "Hispano", "fuselage".   

       It seems there was also a 32 pounder version tested.
coprocephalous, Aug 24 2009

       //is this a truck that sprays nerve gas? What's that have to do with communication//   

       The link to the two is that I only wish there was a link.
Zimmy, Dec 22 2009


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