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Don't bother doffing and donning your shoes
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This combination of shoe design and shoe cleaner allows faster and easier transition twixt out and in. The shoes are designed waterproof up to the ankle. The cleaner is a box you step into. It closes around the ankles and washes the shoes much faster than it would take to doff them. Luxury edition can wash any shoes which are waterproof at least up to the ankle.
Voice, Apr 08 2022

Why Asians live so long https://edition.cnn...-partner/index.html
[4and20, Apr 11 2022]

Being too clean might have its drawbacks. https://en.wikipedi.../Hygiene_hypothesis
[doctorremulac3, Apr 12 2022]


       Keep them Adidas noticeably hwite [+]
21 Quest, Apr 08 2022

       + I like this
xandram, Apr 08 2022

       Does it have an integrated dryer or do you have to step into a second box for that?   

       Could have these lined up at pedestrian crossings so you get your shoes washed while you wait for the green man. Or in lifts. Or anywhere that people have to stand and wait for a minute or so.
pocmloc, Apr 08 2022

       Beats sneaking into hotel lobbies to user the brushalizer.
4and20, Apr 08 2022

       I've seen (somewhere on the internet...) a "step on" device that sprays water (+ detergent or whatever) up under your sole. I've gone digging but can't find it.
neutrinos_shadow, Apr 10 2022

       I just saw a video on Facebook yesterday for a machine you step into that wraps some sort of film around the sole of your shoe, presumably for entering a home or business and keeping it clean. I wish I could link Facebook videos.
21 Quest, Apr 10 2022

       That's the one!
21 Quest, Apr 11 2022

       I bumped into that shoe wrapper while searching. It's pretty clever.
neutrinos_shadow, Apr 11 2022

       ^^ I wonder if, instead of plastic wrap one might have a clearish biodegradable material. Corn starch comes to mind. Probably not cornflakes.
whatrock, Apr 12 2022

       Interesting link 4, but it brings up the question whether you're better off taxing your immune system by exposing it to pathogens and strengthening it or isolating it as much as possible. Does the latter do the equivalent of putting your immune system in a wheelchair so it never has to walk? If you did that with your legs they'd atrophy and never be usable again.   

       I'd think our natural state is living in filth from a very young age. Feces, both human and animal, dust, dirt, mold. We evolved in this stuff no?   

       Dhunno, but seems like exercising our defense mechanisms might have its advantages.
doctorremulac3, Apr 12 2022

       Yes, but infant mortality rates are mitigated by the same technologies that allow the mothers formerly dying from childbirth to survive at a much greater rate than at past times in history no? And that's not something that's particularly affected by dirty living conditions.   

       Plus there are issues that kill newborns before they're even really exposed to dirty environments. death in the first few days after birth sort of things before incubators and such no?   

       Ugh, just reading the top ten causes of newborn deaths and realized I'm not in the mood for this downer stuff right now. Got some positive things going on, don't need dark stuff like that.
doctorremulac3, Apr 12 2022

       There is some evidence (citation needed) that the upswing in allergies etc is because we are too clean, especially as children. 1 simple thing for a start: never buy anti-bacterial hand soap (& it's also really bad for your skin).
neutrinos_shadow, Apr 12 2022

       //(antibacterial soap is) really bad for your skin//   

       citation needed
Voice, Apr 12 2022

       Neutrino's right. Pretty well documented that any physiological mechanism that never gets used atrophies, and being too clean might have its drawbacks. (link)   

       Case in point, I believe the treatment for allergies is injecting the patient with the allergens, a little like vaccines.
doctorremulac3, Apr 12 2022

       Statement #1: "Pretty well documented that any physiological mechanism that never gets used atrophies," <--- Well documented. Not debatable.   

       Statement #2: "and (a secondary somewhat related statement, but a new contention) being too clean MIGHT have its drawbacks. (link)"   

       Too clean? Well, we could put a baby in a sterile environment while its developing, boy in a bubble style. Then when they're an adult, let them go into the world to see how well their body defends against viruses, bacteria, pollen and other stressors to the immune system. I think it's highly probable that immune system, that had never been used before, might be highly compromised through lack of exercise for lack of a better term.   

       But MIGHT is the operative word here.   

       As far as documentation of physiological system atrophy from inactivity, such as muscles of a person in a coma, studies in an otherwise healthy population have shown that the loss rate is between 4-5% every week of immobilization.
doctorremulac3, Apr 12 2022

       No. You said:   

       "Y'know, it's a mistake to say something is "pretty well documented" and then link to a disputed hypothesis to make your point."   

       This referring to two related but distinct statements. One about something that's well documented and one about a theory.   

       Assuming I didn't make any spelling errors, let's move on.
doctorremulac3, Apr 12 2022


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