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Toaster Shoe

No more deadly creatures nibbling your toes!
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One of the advantages of living in New Zealand is the relative lack of deadly spiders, scorpions, snakes and suchlike. Sheep don't fit into (most) shoes.

But the other aforementioned creatures do, and people staying in scorpion-smothered surroundings are strongly advised to search their shoes for sly stowaways.

Usually this means having to store your shoes upside-down on sticks, shake them vigorously in the morning, and suchlike. But why not make life easier for yourself? Buy a pair of our Toaster Shoes!

Shaped like walking boots, the unique feature of Toaster Shoes is their detachable back. Pulling the back out pulls most of the sole with it. (Think of those nifty toasters that let you slide out a tray with all the burnt crumbs on it, and imagine a shoe around the tray. That's what I have in mind.)

You press and pull on a button on the rear of the shoe to remove the tray. Thus, any suspiciously slimy strangers can be shaken from the tray without getting a chance to strike at your hand.

[edit] And they'll have even less of a chance if you clip your shoes onto the Bug Zapper soles overnight - plugging into any standard socket, these electrified soles will sizzle the critters to a crisp while you sleep. Or for those in less creaturily-challenged climes, try our Winter Warmer - a plug-in sole with heater elements. Switch it on at breakfast and they'll heat your shoes, so they'll be snugglily warm for when you step outside. [/edit]

Clip the comfy soles back into place, and you're ready to go. No more scorpion stings!

Also useful for if you to scratch an itch without untying your laces, and for better airing - no more smelly shoes!

imaginality, May 05 2006

Crumb Tray http://www.jennaira...=toaster/features_t
Top right pic shows a crumb tray [imaginality, May 05 2006]


       I thought this was going to be a shoe with a stiletto knife sticking out of the front like the James Bond Russian villainess so that you can toast bread in the fire.
po, May 05 2006

       I thought that this was going to have a little element in the soul for toasting melba toast (tiny, little pieces of bread about 1 inch square and 1/4 inch thick) with a marmalade dispenser in the other shoe.   

       Back to the idea- I'm pretty rough on shoes- I don't know if one that has a back that comes off would last long. Especially if I'm toasting bread with it.
NotTheSharpestSpoon, May 05 2006

       I thought - after reading the first paragraph - that this was going to be an idea for shoes with toaster elements in the soles so the presence of unwanted critters could be signalled by a column of smoke.
egbert, May 05 2006

       Another side effect of this idea is that when the sole wears out, you could just replace it with a new sole "tray".
webfishrune, May 05 2006

       I'm with [egbert], this is nothing like what I imagined.
hidden truths, May 05 2006

       Another misinterpretation - for some reason I thought this would be a very large toaster which came with heat-resistant shoes. Drop the shoes in the toaster, fry the bugs, and get nice warm shoes too! (Don't put them on immediately, though).
moomintroll, May 05 2006

       After looking at your link [imag] I don't think a scorpion would stay put on that tray. Wouldn't they climb up onto the sides of your shoes anyway? I don't really know, but most insects have that clingy stuff on their feet and walk just about anywhere.   

       and what [moom] said. I thought it was about warm shoes.
xandram, May 05 2006

       Who wears shoes in New Zealand?
methinksnot, May 05 2006

       I've never had the pleasure of living in "scorpion smothered" regions, but I lived real close to one section of town that had a pretty bad scorpion infestation problem. Or so they said. [+] Because I hate taking off my shoes to remove rocks, sand, sheep, etc.
Letsbuildafort, May 05 2006

       I was thinking electric bug zapping shoes that build up a charge when you're not wearing them to keep crawlies from getting cosy.   

       [methinksnot], not me, I'm mostly barefoot, but hey, I don't mind inventing shoes and a toaster-related idea has got to be worth posting, I reckon.   

       Actually, about that... I recognise the potential for confusion (or perhaps I should say the 'actuality' for confusion, since it's already happened?), but 'Toaster Crumb Tray Shoe' sounds too banal.   

       On the other hand, I know the name should fit the idea, so I'll now sell the shoes with a second set of soles - the "Bug Zappers". Plug your shoes onto these electric bug-zapping soles overnight. Any creepy-crawlies will be crispified by the electrified metal sole while you sleep.   

       Then clip your shoes back into the normal, comfy soles in the morning and you're good to go!
imaginality, May 08 2006

       //Another side effect of this idea is that when the sole wears out, you could just replace it with a new sole "tray".//   

       Yep, good point, [webfishrune]. Enough to justify the idea in itself, in my opinion. When I have worn shoes, the soles were nearly always the first part to wear out.
imaginality, May 08 2006

       Funny coincidence, [po], the James Bond villainess who has the knife in her shoe is named Kleb, which is Russian for bread.   

       As for scorpions, I don't knock them out of my shoes. Instead, I jump up and down on my shoes to squish them. Then I spoon out the spicey, fresh-squeezed goodness of scorpion and spread it on my hot toast. Mmmm! Shoeful of scorpamite, anyone?
luxlucet, May 08 2006

       I'll have some. It's got to be better than marmalade.
notmarkflynn, May 10 2006


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