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Swivel Spot Shoes

Save Your Sole
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Ever notice that it's always the sole on the same shoe that wears out first?

That's because you swivel on that foot getting in to your car - so in the U.S. and other LHD countries, that would be your left shoe. Vice versa in the U.K.

The swivel spot shoe has a circular section of the sole (sorry about all this alliteration, it's sunavoidable) under the ball of the foot, attached by a plastic pin. Sandwiched between is a teflon film for low drag, allowing the swivel spot to rotate when required.

The swivel spot is recessed into the sole; protruding only slightly, on which the wearer swivels during the above mentioned getting-into-of-the-car.

It's important that the swivel spot allows only rotation; traction is normal for forward/rear and side to side forces.

I envisage that both shoes of a pair would be so equipped, although for domestic markets only LHD or RHD shoes might be sold - but then you'd need a permit to wear them in other countries.

philmckraken, Jul 04 2004


       The door opened followed by a sleek, high-heeled shoe. Encased in it and propelling it towards the ground was a slim foot and calf in sheer nylon. After that appeared a firm thigh barely covered by a skirt. The beauty unfolded from the sports car and did two perfect pirouettes on the sole of one shoe before closing the door with a dramatic slam.
FarmerJohn, Jul 04 2004

       The idea's a bit lame, but [FJ]'s anno is brilliant.   

       No, wait...it's my idea! curses, foiled again...
philmckraken, Jul 04 2004

       The idea is not lame, but it only comes to life if visualized correctly - see FarmerJohn's fertile imagination. It brought to my mind The Fonz's ability to spin on the spot and point with both fingers. Sounds lame in print but you know how good you'd look if you could pull it off!
wagster, Jul 04 2004

       it would probably be illegal in competition dancing.
po, Jul 04 2004

       Or hush puppy.   

       "Walk a mile in my swivel spot shoes...   

       Walk a mile in my swivel spot shoes...   

       Yeah, before you accuse, criticize and choose   

       Walk a mile in my swivel spot shoes "   

       [apologies to Joe South]
normzone, Jul 05 2004

       "A local man died today when his swivel shoe's pivotal sole caused him lose ballance on his ladder and into sent him tumbling into his swimming pool, becoming entangled in the cover. Scientists are examining as to why he purchased the damn shoes to begin with"   

       A + anyway, because it's still a good idea.
notmarkflynn, Dec 20 2005


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