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and you'll never walk alone
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Tandem shoes are a pair of shoes designed to worn by two people at once. In style each shoe resembles a two person canoe, whilst in use the second person walks or runs in perfect harmony with the person in front. They have several applications, many of which are pure fun, but one of which is to provide an effective walking exercise experience for those with atrophied muscles or suffering from MS.

The same principle can be extended into ice skates, and roller blades, for anyone who cannot have solitary enjoyment of these activities for various reasons. Positioned either to the front or back of a more physically articulate partner, like the neophyte parachutist strapped unto the expert, they would glide around sharing every sensation.

xenzag, Jan 26 2006


       wonderful! [+]
xandram, Jan 26 2006

       A little more desricption please. Is it just the right/left shoe that is tandem, like a three legged race? Or is it both shoes one behind the other? If it is the latter, I see major complications with being so extremely close to the person in front. For example, when you run you swing your arms rapidly, and if you were that close behind the person you would probably punch them in the head.   

       So I guess that would give new meaning to the phrase, "No, I will not let you do it! I am putting my foot down!"
Jscotty, Jan 26 2006

       "I met him at a party and my heart stood still - da do run run run, da do run run..." Extremely close - that's the whole point - you can both wear the one large coat with big sleeves and hold hands - it also says EACH shoe resembles... - try to keep up D.R.B.C. or you'll be pumping the bilges on that boat.
xenzag, Jan 26 2006

       Well I was hoping that I misunderstood it, or read it wrong, because being 3" behind someone at all times isn't what I would consider fun. Either being punched in the back of the head whilst running, or being in the back while the person in the front has gas problems, I'll go solo.   

       Maybe I could see tandem clown shoes, at least then you'll have a foot clearance. Pun not intended.   

       Extremely close in coat and shoes....perfect for valentines day.you get a cake with a cherry on top!!
100 percent, Jan 27 2006

       Excellent! [+], You got Sole, brother!
Minimal, Jan 27 2006

       Good for ski practice or toughening up for treking.
skinflaps, Jan 27 2006

       or learning to Tango.   

       On a bicycle tandem, it is a common trick for the rear rider to slack on the pedalling on steep hills and allow the front rider to take the strain.   

       It occured to me as I was following my girlfriend up a particularly steep mountain path this weekend, that it would be great if we had been wearing tandem shoes and I could have sat back and she could have pulled me up the steep pass....
Minimal, Jan 30 2006


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