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Swimming Pool Movie Theatre

Watch Movies in a Heated Swimming Pool
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This is a pretty straightforward idea. When you go to your friendly neighborhood swimming pool, you get a nice innertube to sit on, and you relax in the nice warm water (with wave generators, natch). Then you watch a nice movie on the huge screen at one end of the pool. It basically combines the experience of being entertained with being wet.
sinator, Oct 14 2001

Flick and Float http://detnews.com/...06/15/c05-75512.htm
Aquatic center theater [Helium, Oct 14 2001, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Dive-In Movies http://www.wetnwild...es.cfm?archived=all
Wet'n'Wild in Australia [krelnik]

Dive-In Movies http://www.okc.gov/...002_05/dive_in.html
Oklahoma City Parks & Recreation [krelnik, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Dive-In Movies http://www.okc.gov/...002_05/dive_in.html
Oklahoma City Parks & Recreation [krelnik, Oct 04 2004]

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       Baked all over the place. Here's one link but there's hundreds.
Helium, Oct 14 2001

po, Oct 14 2001

       Variation (to dodge the bakedness of this idea): project movies on the bottom of the swimming pool (either through the water or using a rear-projection system) and have people watch the movie while snorkeling. Great for inverted-omnidome-type reef documentaries, "The Abyss", and any movies with a lot of crane shots.
wiml, Oct 14 2001

       WIML: I'm pretty sure that projecting through the water wouldn't work. That would necessitate a rear-projection system, which would create it's own set of problems. For one, it would require a huge hollow space beneath the pool--and hollow spaces are not ideally suited to supporting the weight of some 2 million gallons of water. Then, if you tried to prop the bottom with supports, you'd run into problems with those supports interfering with the projected films.   

       I guess, though, if you had enough money, you could install a massive array of giant plasma screens enclosed in a gargantuan acrylic shell which would sit on the bottom of a 100-ft deep pool.
Guncrazy, Oct 14 2001

       The hollow space could be filled with fluid, also. Pure (and therefore clear) water, or some other incompressible fluid, would hold up the floor perfectly well. You'd need index-matching optics on the projector though.
wiml, Oct 14 2001

       As Helium said, baked all over the place, but I'm giving a vote for, cuz I like water and movies! :)
amo, Oct 15 2001

       Won't my popcorn get soggy?
PotatoStew, Oct 15 2001

       How about showing it on the ceiling above the pool?
stupop, Oct 15 2001

       // It basically combines the experience of being entertained with being wet.//   


       If this carries on, I won't be able to log on to this site through my company firewall.
Mayfly, Oct 15 2001

       Not one of my proudest moments but while living in Perth, WA I went to the SPICE WORLD premiere at a float filled pool on a warm summer night. I took my cousins. Mmmkay... I'm embarrassed... but it was fun regardless.
bubblegrrl79, May 16 2003

       bubblegrrl, It's good to see that you don't give a flip about what people think about you or popularity.
goober, May 16 2003

       I have lived in tropical places my whole life and have never heard of this. La Jolla cove had underwater concerts, but not underwater movies. Here in Waikiki, we have sunset movies on the beach but not movies in the water. Great idea.
mystic2311, Jan 03 2004

       Entertained while being wet? sounds like sex.
python, Jan 04 2004

       Mystic, the idea doesn't say underwater, it says you are in the water while watching. That is definitely baked, most water parks in the US do this as an evening activity in their main wave pool.
krelnik, Jan 04 2004

       Many nice US hotels have bars in the water. If you drink too much at the bar, you begin to think you're watching a beach movie. The good news is that you are too drunk to get out of the pool and drive your car. If you really get drunk you drown and clean the gene pool.   

       So you could add a bar to your movie pool and help clean the gene pool too. If you were showing a scary drowning movie, other in the pool would just think the inverted drunks were renacting parts of the movie. But pool cleaning afterwards will be messy... water soaked pop corn, candies, and bodies...
CwP, Feb 19 2008


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