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Tow in waterskiing

waterskiing without a boat.
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Due to the speeds of large waves 25ft+ they are extremely hard to paddle into so people use jet skis to tow them onto the wave and once they have caught it they can let go of the ski rope and surf it, surfing big waves is different to surfing small waves because its apparently more like snowboarding due to the speeds riders are traveling at. I think that with custom built skis being towed into a 25ft+ wave would be entirely possible and the feeling would be similar to snow skiing on large clumsy skis, the conditions would need to be ideal though as large waves tend to get a bit of chop on the face wich would make it hard for the rider.

There's a challenge for anyone who thinks they're up to it.

Gulherme, Sep 10 2002


       Challenge? what you want me to go out on a 25ft wave or challenge the idea?
skinflaps, Sep 10 2002

       Go out on a 25ft wave with waterskis on because I sure as hell wont.
Gulherme, Sep 10 2002

       You can say that again!! thank the stars i did'nt have to challenge the idea.i'd have to try it..too salty
skinflaps, Sep 10 2002

       [sp: There's (short for "there is") a challenge for anyone who thinks they're (short for "they are") up to it.]
jutta, Sep 10 2002

       dosn't anybody want to see tow in waterskiing?
Gulherme, Oct 22 2002

       water/tow/skiing....there you go.   

       tow can play at that game Gulherme ; )
skinflaps, Oct 22 2002

       The boards they use for this have footstraps so they are already like giant slalom waterskis. The dual waterski effect would be worth trying. Gulherme is right, these waves are more like mountains than waves, thus skiing them would be most apropos. That was the point of the painting, The Waves at Kanagawa, not recognizable by name but most recognizable by pic.
mystic2311, Jan 03 2004


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