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Ska Skank Springs

Go go Gadget, pick-it-up pick-it-up pick-it-up!
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Springs in your heels, coupled with flexible tensile rods going up the back of your legs and into a back brace, giving the wearer an instant ability to skank like those damn young kids who seem to do it so well. Perfect for showing up new fans at shows as you slowly approach middle age.

Combine with shoulder pads if you attempt to crowd surf, since we're getting fat enough that they're starting to drop us. On purpose.

notmarkflynn, Sep 27 2011

Gopak Trainer Gopak_20Trainer
Proof I'm a hack. [notmarkflynn, Sep 27 2011]

Sort of like this? http://berkeleybion...es/soldierCarry.jpg
I don't know what skanking is, but this thing keeps you from getting tired while you kill terrorists in Afghani mountains. [DIYMatt, Sep 28 2011]

Sort of like this? http://www.powerstriders.com/
[rcarty, Sep 28 2011]


       Baked in fiction, by the ska band 'Mad Planets' in Evan Dorkin's Hectic Planet series.
Alterother, Sep 27 2011

       //slowly approach middle age// It seems slow to you?
mouseposture, Sep 28 2011

       Sounds painful "Yo La Tengo" +
skinflaps, Sep 28 2011


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