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Swirly Twirly Costume

Everyone Loves a Ballerina
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Few things are more lovely to behold than a ballerina twirling en pointe; but most of us cannot do it. The Swirly Twirly Costume rotates around the body of the wearer, giving the impression that the wearer is dancing en pointe. Made of light, colourful materials, it sparkles and delights. Wonderful. Beautiful.
Harry Mudd, Aug 22 2007

try it on http://ase.tufts.ed...3_parker_spiral.jpg
[xandram, Aug 22 2007]

not all, [globalturn] Ballistic_20Bridge
(unless "yee-haaah!" is now two words...) [k_sra, Aug 22 2007]

Curly Wurly http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Curly_Wurly
So not based on this then? [DrBob, Aug 23 2007]


       Auto twirl hula hooping tutu.
skinflaps, Aug 22 2007

       Does it run on battery, gasoline or solar power?
xandram, Aug 22 2007

       I envisioned a steam boiler.   

       Genevieve Barbie has one of these costumes, don't ask me how I know that, I just do and now so do you.
skinflaps, Aug 22 2007

       Isn't the game given away by your head still facing forward? Or is your body actually rotating as well, but in a secretly clumping way?
pertinax, Aug 22 2007

       wouldn't some kind of motorised rotating plate on the ball of your shoe be easier? (not that ease is the mark of a good half-baked idea)
marklar, Aug 22 2007

       sure enough Genevieve Barbie... But as this is not widely known to exist I give it a +
dentworth, Aug 22 2007

       Is it just me, or does [Harry Mudd] always end his ideas with two positive one-word sentences about them? Interesting. Telling.
globaltourniquet, Aug 22 2007

       no, [globes]. see link. although Mr. Mudd does seem to have a certain civil engineering bent to him, doesn't he?
k_sra, Aug 22 2007

       If sufficiently weighty, the Swirly Twirly costume might also improve one's balance via gyroscopic action.
bungston, Aug 22 2007

       But what about precession?
normzone, Aug 22 2007

       Several swirly twirlies could have one down the street.
bungston, Aug 22 2007


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