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T to Polo Conversion Collar

Grind shirts and pour collars on them
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I often see t-shirts for sale on the websites of comics that I follow. While I'd like to show some small token of support for these artists I do not like to wear t-shirts with their restrictive collars.

Enter the Polo Conversion Collar. This polo shirt collar is available in a large range of colors. Simply place the conversion collar on the t-shirt of your choice, use a hot iron to permanently bond it to the t-shirt, and make the appropriate trims and cuts to the t-shirt.

Voila - a polo shirt with the artwork provided by the comic illustrator you choose to support.

normzone, Jan 13 2013

Bondex (tm) Iron-on fabric http://farm1.static..._9ba07288e7.jpg?v=0
[rcarty, Jan 13 2013]

Threadlab http://www.coolthin...pen-source-apparel/
[rcarty, Jan 13 2013]

threadlab.net http://threadlab.net/
[rcarty, Jan 13 2013]


       A search shows there is already some activity in the iron on collar business but nothing too significant.
rcarty, Jan 13 2013

       I can find plenty of iron-on collar stiffeners and lace appliques, as well as the linked repair fabric, but no whole collars. Can you link?
normzone, Jan 13 2013

       Apparently a kickstarter.com startup 'Threadlab' has some iron on products possibly including a collar but not for your stated purpose. [ link ]
rcarty, Jan 13 2013

       Funny - the not-funded Kickstarter review bemoans the lack of an iron-on hoody option for your dress shirt.
normzone, Jan 13 2013

       I wonder if any fashionistas are doing the iron-on-y thing.   

       Maybe gold plated macaroni necklaces.   

       Or the tie-dye-runny process of inking a great image.
rcarty, Jan 14 2013

       [+] good idea!
xandram, Jan 14 2013


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