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USB Reader MP3 Player

Memory Free MP3 Player
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I think a great product would be a MP3 player that would connect to any USB based flash drive.

That way you can use old USB flash drives for listening to music. There is a product called the VR3 MP3 from Roadmaster that plugs into you cars cigarette lighter and plays MP3s over the FM radio. See Link My idea takes this the next step. It allows you to bring your music with you instead of being stuck in the car only.

HogHunter, Mar 19 2007

VR3 MP3 http://www.roadmast...a.com/fmmod_vr3.php
Details about the VR3 MP3 [HogHunter, Mar 19 2007]


       I assumed that this was being made, and got funny looks in several electronics shops--try asking for something that doesn't exist in a language you don't speak very well. [+]   

       I now want a player that takes removable memory chips.
baconbrain, Mar 19 2007


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