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T-Shirt Stays

your buttcrack and/or beergut is invading my personal sensory space.
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Shirt stays are little suspenders which are attached to the inside of pants on one end and to a dress-shirt one hopes to keep neatly tucked in on the other. There's also the type that attaches to the feet instead of the pants.

Fair enough, but what's really needed are T-Shirt Stays: the same deal but attaching from the hem of a t-shirt to the top of the rear and side pockets.

Since the tension needed to keep a cotton T draped over a pair of jeans is rather less than that required to keep a dress shirt from forcing its way through a waistband, they can be lightly built and, since worn on the outside, come in a variety of colours, patterns, shapes.

FlyingToaster, Dec 27 2012


FlyingToaster, Dec 27 2012


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