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slimming garment

t shirt senses full tummy then activates silent vibrator then socially gauche alert if immoderate dining continues
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note: humor value with actual idea

I gazed at the elastic waistband pants with apprehension; were these, the first of their kind, merely comfortable garments or were they some kind of nefarious obesity producing apparatus that deprived the diner of the tight sensation at the waist upon overconsumption, the natural feedback mechanism that created a trim figure. Millions of Americans were overweight; the lives of millions could depend on these pants. The inventor spoke up, "they are just comfy pants, the side effect was unforseen."

"there must be a solution"

"well", said the inventor, "I suppose a T shirt with an acoustic sensor plus a cpu could detect a full tummy then set off a vibrating effect that tells the diner 'eat moderately'; if the diner eats immoderately the t shirt sounds a buzzer which is socially gauche, or if dining alone, generates higher tones.

I think this would work, the sensor might be a miniature version of polaroid sonar plus psychologists would study the alerting form that actually got the person to moderate their eating; I think there might be around 100 million americans that such a device would benefit as a way to retrain their ways eating.

before you bone, remember this could have saved Mr Creosote's life.

beanangel, Jun 11 2008

light emitting t shirts http://www.led-fash...1_LED-T-Shirts.html
[beanangel, Jun 12 2008]


       // this could have saved Mr Creosote's life //   

       It was the waiter, with the wafer-thin mint, in the restaraunt ........
8th of 7, Jun 11 2008

       I have the usual question that comes to my mind about this. Maybe there's an answer, but i've not heard it, don't remember it or something. How do you WASH these things? Isn't it liable to be trashed rather soon? If the electronics are removable, how likely is it that you'll remember to do that every single time you wash them?
nineteenthly, Jun 11 2008

       not wafer, "waffer"   

       I found a link to light emitting t shirts but they don't talk about keeping them clean   

       I think VR fiber optic fabric might work as well as sonar; just have haptic sensor optic fibers at the midriff but you could keep an Ir emitter/detector n your pants pocket that just pulsed light at a pickup area on the shirt rather than having a physical connection   

       lycra as well as a parabolic pick up reflector on the emitter would make it functional
beanangel, Jun 12 2008


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