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world shirt exchange

give someone the shirt off your back
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start an organisation which gets people from various corners of the globe (i love that phrase!) to meet and exchange shirts. the shirt, or similar piece of clothing that person wears on a daily basis, would represent their socio-cultural difference with the other person. they wouldn't have to speak the same language, just use a symbolic gesture such as twirling their index fingers over one another or some such motion. hopefully once the shirts are exchanged and they wear them for a while, they will be inspired to communicate with each other about where they're from , what they do for a living, etc. and after many exchanges take place, perhaps people around the world would start to understand that they're not so different from each other, (i'm thinking india/pakistan, turkey/the kurds, israel/palestine, etc) and world peace would finally be at hand.

inspired by the gracious players at the world cup (read: _not_ italy and argentina) who stick around after a game to exchange sweaty jerseys.

mihali, Jun 19 2002


       Nice sentiments. You'd have to stop guys twirling their fingers at girls.
FarmerJohn, Jun 19 2002


       I'd love to have a collection of such exchanged shirts.
beauxeault, Jun 19 2002

       //to meet and exchange shirts//   

       the meeting part is what is going to prevent a large percetage of people from participating. for example, if you don't count Canada and Mexico, a very small percentage of USAians ever visit another country   

       what ever happened to good old-fashioned pen-pals who exchanged regular letters and gifts? .....oh, wait, postage went up and Al Gore invented the internet.....   

       (croissant for the idea, though)
runforrestrun, Jun 19 2002


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