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TSA Graffiti

Create expressions for our dear security forces
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create graffiti invisible to the eye, but under the new security scanners at the airport, would show up quite visibly. foil maybe? glue to the inside of your shirt and pants in patterns and messages, and be ready for multiple full pat-downs!

suggestions for graffiti expressions:

"this guy is the bomb" "what you looking at?" "#(@#*^$" "Look at my B4IIs!"

misc. arrows giving tours of their body. privacy hands over the private areas (but then, maybe that ensures a complete pat-down)

Good luck getting a flight.

twitch, Jul 06 2010

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       <obligatory>Hi, Mom!</o>
lurch, Jul 06 2010

       "Your machine has a fault".
8th of 7, Jul 06 2010

       "I'm getting detained, aren't I?"
Cedar Park, Jul 07 2010

       I misread this as "PSA Graffiti", and immediately envisioned a large spray-painted banner reading "SAFE SEX" in huge letters across the side of a building.
DrWorm, Jul 08 2010

       <3 Mom
Voice, Jan 02 2011


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