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Xray-visible advertisements

Ads printed in radiopaque inks would be targeted at airport x-ray machine operators
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If two ads are printed on the same page in a magazine, but one is printed with large letters in radiopaque white ink, then the white-on-white ad will only be visible if the magazine is in carry-on luggage viewed by x-ray techs at airport inspection stations.

So rather than using humdrum ads which only appear in low-circulation niche magazines aimed at security personnel, an ad campaign could hit a very wide audience in the security profesion (mostly spread by word-of-mouth publicity because of its uniqueness!)

It also should be inexpensive, since the ad space in airport magazines could be sold twice. On the other hand, only one ad could be printed in a single magazine, since all the pages are essentially transparent!

wbeaty, Jul 30 2006

X-ray 'phantoms' of smuggled weapons _27Phantom_27_20x-ray_20weapon
[wbeaty, Jul 30 2006]


       Creative idea, but combines gratuitous use of heavy metals with advertising - two of my most hated things.
spidermother, Jul 30 2006

       I wonder if all radiopaque dyes depend on density? If some are based on resonance, then the opaque material need not be a toxic dense metal, it only needs to have a strong "color" at x-ray wavelengths.   

       As for advertising... let's ignore the internet, and instead harness all possible imaging technologies for placement of Banner Ads! The horror!   

       The idea was so idiotic that I just had to post it somewhere for the entertainment value. And perhaps it will inspire someone to think up a variation which is actually useful! I know... we could rent out our abdomens for temporary radiopaque tatoos for banner-ads aimed at medical staff! Or those high-end cars with the thermal night vision cameras: install hot wires on the sides of your house for invisible long-infrared billboard ads aimed at BMW owners...
wbeaty, Jul 30 2006

       Very nice. Perhaps instead of ads (to overcome most 'bakers' obsessive fear of ads). It could have witty comments to conquer the boredom of everyday security personelling.
dbmag9, Jul 30 2006

       ...or a life-size picture of a gun printed in X-ray opaque inks in your magazine.
hippo, Jul 31 2006

       The metal isn't a problem. Use bismuth, which is found in cosmetics and in Pepto-Bismol, as it has low toxicity.
ldischler, Jul 31 2006

       I'm thinking this woiuld be a good piece of performance art by an agit prop group, with video documentary - loaded messages in one's underwear.
DrCurry, Jul 31 2006

       It seems like this would be a very expensive advertising campaign for a very insignificant demographic.
jellydoughnut, Aug 03 2006

       [jellydoughnut] Next you'll be suggesting that Halfbakery ideas should have sensible business models...
hippo, Aug 03 2006

       You're right about not worrying about practicality, but much of this idea is based on targeting a very very small population.
jellydoughnut, Aug 03 2006

       How about a message that says "P.S. the guy behind me has a shoe bomb"   

       This might be a way to effectively smuggle in banned items. Just use an image of a naked woman and they won't even notice the gun.
MoreCowbell, Aug 03 2006

       Perhaps a female might.
jellydoughnut, Aug 05 2006

       I envision that the first ad will cause a big stir, perhaps getting onto the the national news, and then the technique will soon be made illegal in the USA. Think of the whole episode more as a "superbowl ad" or as a publicity stunt rather than a continuing ad campaign. Sign up Janet Jackson for the first one, although the x-ray ads probably won't sell as many CDs as her own "superbowl ad!"
wbeaty, Aug 16 2006


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