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TV - 1

Television 1 hour earlier
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TV + 1 channels are an excellent idea, allowing you to tune-in an hour later if the advertised time of your chosen programme is inconvenient.

Sometimes though, I want to watch something without staying up too late.

theNakedApiarist, Apr 03 2008


       Hmm... wouldn't that classify as a "flavour"? And, by the way, I'm fairly sure timeshift works both ways already.
Ratwoman, Apr 03 2008

       <tongue-in-cheek> It would be especially useful for live shows, such as sports events and the like... </t-i-c>
neutrinos_shadow, Apr 03 2008

       Yeah [ns], I thought I might take more of a interest in horse racing. I never have had much luck with gambling.
theNakedApiarist, Apr 03 2008

       Sometimes I don't know if a show I've heard about is going to be any good or not, but now I can watch it beforehand to find out! Then, if after seeing it and deciding it's rubbish, I just won't watch it when it comes on! That's a whole hour of my life saved! Thanks naked bee man!
theleopard, Apr 03 2008

       I wouldn't mind watching the National Lottery on that channel.
nineteenthly, Apr 03 2008


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