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Weight Loss Dating

See the people that match with you, and the people that'd match with you if you lost 20 pounds
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Might be a good motivator for shallow people (read: everybody) to lose weight. As you lose weight, watch the people change.

Eventually, when you mutually fall in love, you're at your desired weight.

xmuskrat, Jun 09 2004


       change this to +20 iq points and you'd be the ideal charter member.
xclamp, Jun 09 2004

       //Might be a good motivator for shallow people//   

       (read: you, your siblings and whoever raised you into believing this is even worthy of being mentioned to others).   

       "Chacun sa vie" they say, but with this you're just making people believe that basing their judgments in bias is right.
Pericles, Jun 09 2004

       //People who really are in love, could give a rat's ass about their lovers fluctuations in size.// So if a wife bothers her husband with a disgusting diet from Oprah magazin, does that mean she doesn't really love him any more?
kbecker, Jun 10 2004

       //Well said, [x], and nice links on your profile page!//   

       Bucket of cold water to the halfbakery please!!!.
ConsulFlaminicus, Jun 11 2004

       If you're judging people by their weight within a 20-lb range, you going to miss out on an awful lot of life partners.
DrCurry, Jun 11 2004

       I like the upper end of this idea. "80 pounds? I'm sorry, but his super model doesn't touch anyone a pound over 75." Considering love is a relatively new idea in human society, the further implications of 'love at first sight', and the positive number of spouces who leave for the hot young thing that babysits the kids, throwing something that appearance depends on so heavily like weight range into a dating service seems like it should have already been done. [Blissmiss], saying appearance has nothing to do with attraction and attraction has nothing to do with love is something I can't believe you're willing to stand behind.
Cheekio, Jun 13 2004

       "love is a relatively new idea in human society" - it was sex that was invented in the 1960's, not love. Love is something we inherit from our animal forbears, as anyone with a pet can tell you.
DrCurry, Jun 13 2004

       Great idea !!!.Ignore all these negative thinkers.They're either not drinking enough or off their medication.
python, Jun 14 2004


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