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A bicycle for the transport of folding tables
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In one of my avocations, it is my responsibility to set up a few small facilities for various events. This includes the relocation and setup of folding banquet tables.

Because it's such a small scale operation, we only have a limited number of tables that must be moved between buildings as needed. Because it's a small scale operation, we don't really have any decent means of transporting the tables across campus so they are carried by hand.

A not-so-practical and decidedly halfbaked means of transportation occurred to me: build a bicycle with an open frame in to which a table can be slid and transported.

This cycle would use small scooter wheels to keep the profile low.

See linked illustration.

half, Jan 26 2004

Illustration. http://half_crazy.t...d.com/hb/tablecycle
I'm still not [bristolz]. [half, Oct 04 2004, last modified Feb 05 2005]

Instep PF100 - Pathfinder http://www.allkidss...details.php?sku=132
Maybe with a 'few' modifications?
Has a definite HB look to it. Wouldn't you agree? [Klaatu, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       Very bakable. You'll have a very small market if you want to sell them, but it should be easy to build.   

       Furniature dolly would be another solution - pile a few on and push. Though this idea would be able to handle larger bumps than a dolly.
Worldgineer, Jan 26 2004

       I could imagine this being useful for carrying sheets of plywood also, although the height of the seat would tend to put the center of gravity fairly far off the turf. [+]   

       Would it be easier to design as a trailer that could be attached to a standard cycle? <link>
Klaatu, Jan 26 2004

       A trailer solution would be entirely too sensible. :)
half, Jan 26 2004

       But, after a crash, the table could be used as a makeshift stretcher. See how practical it is?
half, Jan 26 2004

       Rather than a tablecycle, how about a cycletable? That’s a table with pedals, wheels, and a chain drive. If you need to move it, just fold down a couple of leaf extensions, jump on, and pedal away.
ldischler, Jan 26 2004

       Make it two separate units. The small wheel in your drawing has a vice to clamp on the table at the bottom edge. The front assembly would be more complex because of the seat, handle bar etc., but it would also clamp to the table. - If you use two small wheels on one axis to give them a wider stand and add a hitch, you can make little "trains" of tables with just one biker at the front.
kbecker, Jan 26 2004

       Front wheel drive?
half, Jan 27 2004


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