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The Drycycle

A tumble dryer in a bike!
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An ordinary bicycle,but instead of a basket,a small tumble dryer powered by your cycling!
jessica sheridan, Aug 27 2004

I found the wetcycle to go with it. http://www.lboro.ac...sh/pedal%20wash.htm
In case you haven't been welcomed enough yet, welcome. [2 fries shy of a happy meal, Oct 17 2004]


       Nice way to get exercise and save a little money on electricity. But how are you going to get any heat to it?
destructionism, Aug 27 2004

       [destructionism] I would not suppose this is for jeans and such. Ladies "unmentionables", that need air dry only, would be appropriate. Just guessing...   

       And, welcome to the HB Jessica. [+]
Klaatu, Aug 27 2004

       [+] Cruising down the boardwalk with tumbling "unmentionables" could become the next cycling-fashion trend!   

       Hi Jessica! Welcome to the HB!
1st2know, Aug 27 2004

       likewise, welcome.   

       how much clothing would you be able to fit in the dryer, about?   

       a little strange, but that's what the site is here for. [+]
schematics, Aug 27 2004

       I just can't get over the name...so perfect...
destructionism, Aug 27 2004

       I think this would work for most clothes (jeans are a possible exception). You really dont need that much heat to dry your clothes if the air is dry enough, and you are cycling fast enough. It would probably be less damaging to your clothes too.   

       P.S. - I notice that the 'unmentionables' have been mentioned twice already. How naughty!
energy guy, Aug 27 2004

       Well, my washing machine centrifugates my unmentionables dry without need of heat, at some 700 rpm..So, if we replace the rear wheel with a hollow drum some two feet in diameter, and place the unmentionables inside, it will dry the mentioned unmentionables at the same rpm; that will be a speed of ....Mmmmm....some 50 mph. I can do that downhill. (Very DOWN). And the name is "tela". And, even if I'm a recent addition, be bienvenida aquí. When I was a kid I used to turn my bike upside down, resting on handlebars and seat, and after fixing a "cabin" with a "volunteer" insect to the inside of the rear wheel rim, centifugate the heck out of the poor thing. That was "training" previous to sending it aloft to "orbit" on a powder rocket...Perhaps we could try to dry the unmentionables that way, when it's raining. It will also create a spectacular halo of centrifugated water droplets...A single bum because I can't give two.
finflazo, Aug 27 2004

       [finflazo] What's all this talk about giving bums? What did I miss?
destructionism, Aug 27 2004

       (destruction) (What a lovely nickname) Yours truly doesn't speak english, nor do I write it correctly, so I invent and imagine words. "Bum", as an example, I though was a kinda pastry similar to a croissant. After perusing the dictionnary I find that a "bum" is somebody that doesn´t like to work and manages to live at other people's expenses, just like me. The pastry is then a "bun". Like in "a bun in the owen". Wonders never cease. Well, if Jessica wants a bum she can have one, too, but I meant "croissant".
finflazo, Aug 27 2004

       To me it means something quite different. Ah, the subtleties of the English language!   

       Hajimemashite Sheridan-san.
harderthanjesus, Aug 27 2004

       [fin] I'm not sure I's want my unmentionables (or mentionables for that matter) in the rear wheel of my bike. Too much dirt, grease & other stuff near my valuable duds. I think i prefer jessica's original though on having it up near the handle bars.   

       And yeah Jess, I'd love to give you a second bum, but its in the owen......
energy guy, Aug 27 2004

       I'm with the rest of you on this one. [+] Welkommen, Jessica.
Machiavelli, Aug 27 2004

       (energy) On second though, yes, Jessica's is better. Also, the mental image is pleasanter. This screams for a sketch, I'll do one, yes ! .
finflazo, Aug 28 2004

       [bvw] - I could imagine you using a cigarette to 'bike-flirt' as you put it. I cannot for the life of me imagine you using a bicycle mounted tumble-dryer to flirt with. Please enlighten me: how would you do it?
wagster, Aug 28 2004

       Panic as confused hottie pulls his thermals out of his Drycycle with a wink...
wagster, Aug 28 2004

       Panic if he pulls out *his* thongs...
Machiavelli, Aug 28 2004

       Panic if he pulls out his thong... and he's not even riding a drycycle.
Worldgineer, Aug 28 2004

       <confused hottie panicking>   


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