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utilate zero

the ultimate underground killer
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your history is blank and theres no background. the story starts in hell with u talking to the devil about celebrities lifes that u wanted to mess up. the game isnt about just killing people theres puzzles like get in a secuirty place to steal a celebs check and buy uber gross stuff with it and then release the data to the public and ruin the celebs rep. or steal a bank code and make it look like the celeb was a fraud.

tight uberness man

seventhinline, Jul 20 2005

Read this: http://krelnik.home...g.com/half_faq.html
It will help you. [wagster, Jul 20 2005]


       So, um, why is this under "first person shooter" if you're not shooting anything? Other than heroin?   

       (And, um, what did you do with the other six thin lines?)
DrCurry, Jul 20 2005

       It's second person drivel.
ldischler, Jul 20 2005

       I get the gist of the idea. It's interesting - the game involves, I guess, making a deal with the devil to become the ultimate character assassin.   

       [seventh], I recommend editing this for grammar and spelling. There are three letters in "you," and you're more likely to get a positive response if your idea is intelligently presented.   

       And I agree with [DrCurry], this is better suited in a different subcategory. Maybe game: Role Playing?
shapu, Jul 20 2005

       You're basically positing a game played by the devil using you, an abstract soul whose history is blank because his whole life was erased (except the good parts) by presumably some judgment. I guess the devil gets occasional knee-mails from repentant celebs forwarded by god who really can't stand deleting them for fear of the knee-mail curse (if you don't forward this the devil gets you). So there's the basis for your game -- good luck writing the scripts.
reensure, Jul 21 2005


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