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Torture Chamber

Stimulated torture of people and things that annoy you in a computer game.
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First, the game does not come with any actual people to torture. Only body types and a Facial Features Editor. You can mess around with the face a bit, then paste on a photo of someone you dislike. It's stretched across the face. Then you are free to spread their body parts far and wide using a variety of methods. There would be various categories of torture, including, but not limited to: Medivial(The iron Maiden, Hanging, burning at the stake, thumbscrews, etc) Humorous (though seeing Jar Jar Binks killed or maimed in any way could be considered humorous) Sci-Fi(killed by ewoks, blasters, great big laser cannons, torture droids...) Fantasy(toasted by a dragon, sliced up by knights, turned into a wretched animal by magic) Animals(duh) Natural Disasters (also duh) and other miscellaneous things. You could download likenesses of people to torture as well as more methods of doing so. This would be a great way to let out your aggressions! Although some might say it would cause agression.
Eugene, Sep 16 2002

Boong-Ga Boong-Ga http://www.boingboi...ga_boongga_is_.html
A Japanese arcade game. "Gameplay consists of prodding the mannequin's buttocks with a special outsized plastic finger while your opponents whimper and grimace onscreen." [bristolz, Jan 31 2005]

Interactive Buddy http://www.addictin...teractivebuddy.html
This buddy can be tortured with lots of stuff, like bowling balls, flame thrower and handgrenades. Also has a few skins (teletubby is my favorite). [Forthur, May 22 2006]


       //You can mess around with the face a bit//   

       <shudder> Do you mean what I think you mean?
calum, Sep 16 2002

       dsm, is that you?
iuvare, Sep 16 2002

       Careful with that axe, Eugene.
waugsqueke, Sep 16 2002

       Alternative name: Eugene's Lair.
pottedstu, Sep 17 2002

       Don't forget the 'death by a thousand blue-screens,' 'chinese tax form torture,' and quick-custard pits.
RayfordSteele, Sep 17 2002

       And Diseases--an alternative i forgot to add.
Eugene, Sep 28 2002

       sorry about the double post; computer messed up.
Eugene, Sep 28 2002

       Your post has been up for three weeks--frankly I'm surprised a game like this hasn't hit the shelves in the interim. And how much different is this from a FPS anyway? Quake 3 could be crudely adapted to your purpose in weeks if not days. Especially useful pretraining for kids looking for government employment in oppressive dictatorships. I can see different levels in the form of delicate prisoners, especially willful ones, ones that mutter the info at the wrong moment, etc. etc. Your big prob would be making a bot of sufficient complexity to respond I guess. Prolly some medical software laying around that could be intemigrated to your idea... it is an interesting problem...sick sick sick of course he added hastily.
cloudface, Oct 07 2003

       "Stimulated torture"...?   

       Don't ask, don't tell, I say.
Cedar Park, Oct 07 2003

       Could I do it with hobbits?
Ossalisc, Feb 26 2004

       Argh, [bris], that's quite nasty. Forgive me, but I fear I will never understand the Japanese.
david_scothern, Jan 31 2005

       After the video game DOOM first started getting flak from the "video games turn youth to violence" people, and in predictable commercial response to the hype other games started coming out which were deliberately designed to be more violent and gorey than DOOM, I had thought that it would make an interesting psychological experiment to advertise a (fake) new game that was nothing but a torture chamber simulator, and see how many people would be willing to buy it. Advertise it as having the maximum graphical goriness and as much attention to detail as possible on the latest graphics cards, and full rich 3D audio of the victim's screams, etc. However, I didn't think that it would be a good idea to MAKE such a game. Fishbone for you. Unless of course you tell me that this idea of yours was just an experiment to see how many people would bun it :)
Size_Mick, May 04 2006

       I hear this will be an add-on for America's Army: Intelligence Officer.
lowbot, May 22 2006

       Given the rise of torture porn, I think there's a market for torture games. I'm certainly not the one to try and exploit it though.
Eugene, Sep 25 2008


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