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Take away bag for fries

Keep those fries crisp
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One of the takeaways I buy from bags the french fries in a slightly isolating bag but that they leave open so that there's no excess of humidity that makes the fries soggy (I guess). But this also has the inconvenient that the fries will be cold in no time. So, why not use goretex to bag them? It would keep the french fries warm and the humidity would go to the outside of the bag.

P.S.: Yes, I know goretex is expensive.

PauloSargaco, Mar 29 2006


       Perhaps there's more to newspaper than at first glance.
Ling, Mar 29 2006

       Well, there's ink for starters. If it gets on your fingers it will certainly get on your fries
PauloSargaco, Mar 29 2006

       So make special thinner goretex bags that are less expensive, but only keep the stuff warm for a shorter while. (And add a second paper cover for insulation)
pashute, Mar 29 2006

       I remember as a child getting an extremely bad takeaway from somewhere which included mashed potatoes in a white paper bag. After a couple of minutes the potatoes and the bag were indistinguishable...
hippo, Mar 29 2006

       This may be the next great idea in food service --it does make a good deal of sense-- but judging by the taste of my hiking shoes I'm not going to bank on it.
jurist, Mar 29 2006

       wouldn't foil be better?
po, Mar 29 2006

       What about one of those little packets of water-absorbing crystals they put into packets of crisps? If that kind of stuff were behind a porous wall inside the isolating container - that could be cheap (compared to goretex), dry, and warm.
jutta, Mar 29 2006

       It seems to me that evaporation is cooling the fries. If water vapor escapes, the fries will be getting cold. How about a bag with one of those little moisture-activated heating pads in it? I think they are made of iron particles and salt.   

       Or just sprinkle iron particles on the fries. The escaping moisture would allow the salt on the fries and the iron to react, giving the fries a nice rust color while keeping them warm.   

       Jutta's suggestion is probably more flavorful. Would it give off any heat?
baconbrain, Mar 29 2006

       Am I going?   

       Damn, nobody tells me anything.   

       //a bluetooth or two// or a bluechip.
Ling, Mar 30 2006

       Well, I have a confession to make. I actually think this is a pretty crapy idea. It's just that I have been away from the bakery for so long that I missed these discussions.   

       Unfortunatelly nothing better came to my mind to restart my activity in this cool place :-)
PauloSargaco, Mar 30 2006

       /judging by the taste of my hiking shoes /   

       Mmmm...Cheesy fries...
egbert, Mar 30 2006


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