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Restaurant at the top of the world

A resort at the top of Mount Everest
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A vertical tunnel boring machine cuts a tunnel from the base of Mount Everest to just below the summit. As the tunnel is cut it is lined with concrete and the necessary utility, service ducts and escape systems are built. Service levels may need to be cut to house pumping equipment and emergency shelters. Once the TBM reaches the summit levels will be cut for the restaurant / resort. It will be designed not to affect the appearance of the summit. The resort will be pressurized and the guest will be transported in pressurized elevators.

It will be insanely expensive and would most likely never recoup the construction cost. It however will big a huge boost to the economy of Nepal. It will need a patron someone of immense wealth who will grantee them selves a unique place in history.

duroncrush, Jan 05 2004

E-Cafe already planned http://www.ananova....enu=news.technology
Not quite the same.. [dobtabulous, Oct 04 2004]


       oh why not? the view would be awesome.   

       could we not copy the whole thing in Wales?   

       category:is this too big for Food: restaurant?
po, Jan 05 2004

       Welshcakes may actually be made from rancid yak butter.
Fishrat, Jan 05 2004

       rancid yak or rancid yuk?
po, Jan 05 2004

       Novel and interesting places to go are always welcome in my book but I suspect the prices might put me off. I'm not bothered about whether the food is local - although I would prefer not to be offered "McSherpa Burgers" and "Tensing Fries". What's the parking like?
dobtabulous, Jan 05 2004

       Might be a good location for Starbucks.... They're everyplace else.
thumbwax, Jan 05 2004

       yes this is the sensible alternative to all those who are still climbing. why on earth haven't they started a bus route?
benfrost, Jun 11 2006

       And a good place to witness armageddon or a global thermonuclear catastrophy. (Make appropriate reservations under the name ‘Ford Prefect’ just for fun)
Ehrm, Jun 11 2006


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