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Talk to your car

No fumbling for keys
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I just got a car with remote lock control in the key ring (tells you how old my previous car was). I don't find it a big improvement over the simple key because I still need a free hand to dig in my pockets and push the button. It would be better to have microphones near the doors and trunk lid. If I have my hands full I just whisper "Open up baby" and the door or lid pops open on its own (slowly please). When I leave and have a kid hanging at each hand I might say "Shut up, I'm leaving" and it locks everything. Of course the system has voice recognition so not every jerk can get into it. A valet key allows friends to get in who are not in the voice database. A master key enables programming of the voice database. When I'm too drunk to talk straight the system locks me out too so I cannot make a wreck.
There is already voice recognition in some of the fancier cars for GPS or radio control. It shouldn't be too hard to add something for the doors.
kbecker, Aug 13 2003

Keyless Go http://www.mercedes...-class/facts_e5.htm
keyless entry to Mercedes cars [suctionpad, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

(?) The Polocator System http://www.halfbake...0Polocator_20System
[Amos Kito, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

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       //"Your door is ajar..."//
[ack] Do you have to unscrew the lid to get out? Sounds frightfully insecure...
silverstormer, Aug 13 2003

       You should worry when you car says "Talk dirty to me"
DeathNinja, Aug 13 2003

       I think somebody needs a beer   

       or two
DeathNinja, Aug 13 2003

       I want my car to open after I do a little dance (is that an accelerometer in your pocket?)
oxen crossing, Aug 13 2003

       // I will never trust my testicles in your hands ever again //   

       If only I had a nickel for every time I heard that.
DeathNinja, Aug 13 2003

       fumbling for words
pashute, Aug 14 2003

       Getting back to the idea,   

       this is already mostly baked (without the talking bit) on the more expensive Mercedes cars, which have a chip card instead of a key [link]. I think the equipment in the car (e.g. stereo, lights etc.) can be voice-activated also.
suctionpad, Aug 14 2003

simonj, Aug 14 2003

DeathNinja, Aug 14 2003

       Sounds like Night Rider to me
colaaddict, Aug 14 2003

       Instead of owner Voice Recognition which could be fooled by recordings etc. this would be easier to do with a proximity card + voice commands
WhiteWiz, Mar 01 2004


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