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Tall Buildings With Furry Corners

which way is the wind blowing today?
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Tall buildings create wind tunnel effects, which are particularly punishing for the unwary pedestrians who encounter their unpredictable vortices.

Furry Corners solves this problem. As suggested by the name, these are corner strips, out from which project a substantial hairy fringe.

Available in a variety of strengths, colours and lengths, Furry Corners can be bespoke customised for any set of architectural and environmental circumstances.

When installed, pedestrians will be able to look up the corner edge of any tall building featuring this innovation, and see which way the fringe is blowing. To be at its most effective, several buildings in close proximity will need to cooperate, by installing these down the length of a busy avenue. In this way the patterns of the prevailing turbulence can be clearly visible, like those of a model street in an actual wind tunnel.

xenzag, May 16 2008


       Or you could install smoke pots, which "chime" the quarters.
coprocephalous, May 16 2008

       Furry corners would serve another porpoise too. They would tend to reduce vortex shedding, and thereby reduce the gustiness of the tunnelled wind.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 16 2008

       Also good as scratching posts for wandering, urban cows, though this may lead to corner loitering.
xenzag, May 16 2008


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