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warning servers

spread common sense throughout the land
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Remember when we were kids our parents (or any adults for that matter) used to give us useless advice intended to prevent us from harm? You know, things like "be careful," "play nice" or "get out of that water, you'll catch a cold." I say they were useless because as kids we were programmed to ignore everything adults said and all those warnings were just a waste of time.

Now however, when we are ourselves adults, it is assumed that everyone already learned what is good for him/her and doesn't need to be reminded. I say that's bogus. Lets set up speakers everywhere a human ear might pick up the sounds they emit and program them to blurt out random cautions. Imagine - you are walking out of a convenience store to your car. You have two bags in your hands and you are looking for your keys. Suddenly you hear "Be careful when crossing the street." You look up and see a speeding truck that would have ran you over had you not stopped and heeded the message.

fleasting, Jul 05 2000


       This could have the same effect as signs in train stations saying "Beware of pickpockets". Everyone feels their pocket/bag with their wallet in - sharp-eyed pickpockets then know where people's wallet are.   

       Other kinds of information on public transport might be a good idea though - "Put your hand in front of your mouth when you cough", "Don't talk with your mouth full", "Don't talk loudly in an American accent on the London Underground", etc.
hippo, Jul 05 2000

       I wonder sometimes whether the profusion of warnings on modern products ("Achtung! Do not use this electric drill underwater" sort of thing) acts simply to dull the senses to really important warnings about serious and non-obvious dangers.
Skinny Rob, Jul 17 2000

       do not attempt to stop chainsaaw with hands or genitals...   

       the worrying thing is that someone at some point thought that they could have stopped the chainsaw wit their hands and/or genitals
bezzzie1, Feb 08 2004

       [bezzzie1] It is not that - some litigeous scumbag parasite sued the manufacturer because the scumbag was an idiot.   

       Such warnings will only become filtered to the sensible (i.e. no more 'warning! Hot coffee') when the legal system throws out specious claims at the first instance.   

       Who is to blame? Judges.
timbeau, Feb 10 2004

       "Beware of things you might do with this product if you are stupid."
lostdog, Feb 10 2004


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