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Tandem Surfing

Putting the 'we' into 'web browsing'
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I'm not sure whether this idea is implementable on a browser-level, but even if not, I'm pretty sure specific websites could do it.

When using a browser/visitng a website with this feature, you can click to be given a unique 'session ID'. You tell your friend the ID, and they log in to that session on the browser/website.

They then see the web page that you are viewing. And from then on, any link that you click, they get taken to too (and vice versa).

This would give people in a long-distance relationship the chance to browse the halfbakery, news site, or lingerie site together and feel like they're sitting next to each other looking at the same screen.

imaginality, Jul 29 2008

futurebird: shared browser histories ... shared_20browser_20...ies_20for_20friends
The links don't work anymore (this was in 2001), and the original idea is slightly less ambitious, but the link descriptions still give a good overview of what was then state of the art. [jutta, Jul 29 2008]

(?) browzmi http://www.browzmi.com/about/
IM + page view, web based. Not supported: https, "inappropriate content". [jutta, Jul 29 2008]


       You may think you're kidding, but that's a good idea. (Well, good in a horrible way.)
jutta, Jul 29 2008

       Didn't ICQ used to have something like that? Follow me, I think? Maybe it was something else. But basically you hooked your partner up and browsed the same sites. I don't remember how it worked so It's probably totally different.
Noexit, Jul 29 2008


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