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shared browser histories for friends

browser history sharing network
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Every now and then your browser uploads the history to a central database. People in your "circle" see a little icon in the corner when they go to a page you have been to. (there would be a hide mode too so you can surf w/o leaving the mark) You can also see "where" someone in your circle is doing stuff on the web too. (of course if the DB fell into the hands of evil add execs. this could be a nightmare . . . but maybe a sort of grass rootsy open source approach would work?)

Just so people could say things like "Oh I saw you were reading X . . . blah blah blah"

web logs sort of do this now, but this would make it more organic and less annoying to update (so more sites get linked and friends stay in touch more)

futurebird, Feb 17 2001

(?) ThirdVoice http://www.thirdvoice.com/
Skip their current "Content Management" desperation business plan, these people were and are about leaving annotations on the Web. [egnor, Feb 17 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

(?) Odigo http://www.odigo.com/
ThirdVoice is canonical, but Odigo is really much closer to what you describe (close enough for a Sealy "Baked", anyway). It lets you see people (at large, or among your group of friends) on a "radar" screen associated with the site you're browsing, and communicate with them by instant messaging. [egnor, Feb 17 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

(?) CLIO http://citeseer.nj....m/lau99privacy.html
This is terribly obscure, but *really* close to what you describe. "We describe the evolution of privacy interfaces---the user interfaces for specifying privacy policies---in COLLABCLIO, a system for sharing web browsing histories." My girlfriend happens to have co-authored this paper, and I will take any opportunity to link to CiteSeer, which is a fabulous research tool. [egnor, Feb 17 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

"Navigate The Web Together" http://www.groove.com
Groove, a product designed by Ray Ozzie (of Lotus Notes fame), is a shared-space, or collaborative, Win32 app that allows folks to lock their browsers together for communal browsing. Pretty amazing app, actually (even if it does require a 1.5Ghz machine with a gajillion MB RAM to run acceptably well). [bristolz, Feb 17 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

(?) LoriZ's favorites folder http://home.flash.net/~josielor/favez.htm
upload yours today! [LoriZ, Feb 17 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

(?) CritSuite http://crit.org
Lets you connect annotations to any page, in fact any point in any page, visible to other CritSuite users. [blitzberg, Oct 04 2004]


       I for one am heartily sick of all the 'share <every bloody thing> with all your friends' crap...
StarChaser, Feb 18 2001

       And the point of posting the profile that everyone can easily get by clicking on my username is...?
StarChaser, Feb 19 2001

iuvare, Feb 20 2001

       The problem with a feature like this is that it could easily be manipulated so that your boss, your wife, your parents....etc. could see where you've been. While I'm not worried abou where I have been...I still think this could lead to a form of censorship/spying and that nags at me as NQR (not quite right).
Susen, Feb 21 2001

       No....I'm still looking.... :-) May have better chance of finding a wife than finding a husband....maybe I'll look into that.... I guess I didn't say that someone should be worried that their husband would know where they'd been b/c I certainly don't care if someone knows where I've been.... "yes, dear, I've been to the bakery and to that site where I actually do real work as a moderator....."
Susen, Feb 21 2001

       Ah. Looks like the irony is rusty. The difference there is that that is about me, where the 'share everything' thing is 'Here's my bookmarks, and here's my email address book and here's my... ...so that everybody in the world can have everything I have and isn't that just EVER so peachy?'.   

       A profile is not a program to share everything with everyone else.
StarChaser, Feb 22 2001

       Sounds good to me! :-) (+)
rodti, Nov 07 2003


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