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Word Shirt

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" !"
" ?"
" !"
" ?"

And so goes most conversations in bars or clubs where the ambient noise level would put a jet engine to sleep.

The Word Shirt comes in many styles, but the common feature is its vocabulary. On the front are a set of words chosen by the wearer - words that they might need in conversation, but can't adequately represent by hand signals or mouthing. On the back is a list of random words, for the benefit of others in close proximity. Communication is aided, obviously, by pointing at these words - either on your own shirt, or that of someone nearby.

On the sleeves are listed various alchoholic beverages - a standard list of drinks on the left (beers, spirits, etc), and specific brands, strengths, cocktails etc on the right. (These can be in much smaller type than the words on the front, since the wearer will be close to the bar when ordering.)

[I was surprised to find no fashion:shirt category...]

Detly, Mar 17 2004

Basic Word Shirt http://www.ericklop.../archives/shirt.jpg
A somewhat less complicated version of the above. [jurist, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

yes, velcro. thanks gnome. http://www.shop.edi...ck+T+Shirt&cid=1306
[po, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

STFU t-shirt. http://www.thinkgee.../frustrations/575e/
And an invitation to send in more meanings. [jutta, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

T-Shirt - Adults Erasable Blackboard and Chalk http://www.lizzybug...%20and%20Chalk.html
[Detly, Mar 25 2005]


       I don't understand why guys always look at my chest when I'm talking to them.
AO, Mar 17 2004

       I have seen t-shirts with a set of letters etc that you can arrange into sentences. not sure how they attached themselves though!
po, Mar 18 2004

       As a modification to this, why not use heat sensitive fabric, so you could write your own words on the shirt. Then when you meet a hot date, just write your phone number with your finger across her chest. If shes not interested she can rub it out by rubbing her chest with her hand, or yours. oops. didnt mean to write that bit.
Bobble, Mar 18 2004

       Nice. Reminds of a nutcase I saw on telly. He was a japanese man who makes his living by inventing near-useless but fun bits and bobs (sounds familiar). He had invented a t shirt with a reference grid on the back to aid with back scratching. Then all you have to say is "A4, oooh, ooh, oooh, B16" instead of "upabit, upabit, nooo downabit, acrossabit".
squeak, Mar 18 2004

       [po], a fashion junky friend of mine had one. Good old Velcro, I think.
gnomethang, Mar 18 2004

       I know they sell shirts that say "STFU" on them, and thats really all of my point-and-read needs all in one statement ...
Letsbuildafort, Mar 18 2004

       San Francisco University?
RayfordSteele, Mar 18 2004

       I like that velco shirt. The possibilities are endless.
Detly, Mar 20 2004

       Limited only by the wearer's geometry.
Detly, Mar 20 2004

       Well, technically, that's what we all are...
Detly, Mar 20 2004

       In the same range: The Excel shirt helps you add up prices of drinks in bars, forecast how many more drinks you can afford, etc.
hippo, Mar 20 2004

       [hippo], same "range"? "Excel"? No pun intended, I'm sure.
zigness, Mar 22 2004

       yeah, I'll have one of those... say wat? +
nomadic_wonderer, Mar 23 2004

       And on the bottom of your shoes : "CALL" and "TAXI".
Detly, Mar 23 2004

       I really like the idea of the drink names on the arms :-)
originalsen, Jun 24 2004

       Damn fine idea! I know a printing place near here, I'm off to bake this!
harderthanjesus, Jun 24 2004

       [htj]: post a picture.   

       + for the idea.
Etymon, Jun 24 2004

       sick idea - bun
shinobi, Jun 25 2004


       like the shindogu reference squeek.   

       A follow on from Bobbles idea, someting like an etch-a-scetch! Yeah she has to shake it to rub it out! ;)) (Shake it baby)
not-arf, Jun 25 2004


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