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Venetian Blinds Shirt

Ventilated wear
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This is shirt with Venetian blinds incorporated into it for air flow. It occurrs to me that the reason I spend so much time hot under the colar is that I am frustrated by one or the other claptrap bullshit system set up by and for the very same sighted people for who's sake I am feeling enough shame to prevent me from just ripping off the shirt that is trapping my body's attempts to interface with the environment which is what is making me so hot and bothered. Hmm, much like the restrictions of typing and text.

So this shirt prevents people from seeing your skin, but lets air circulate. It would be like a series of interlocked u-shaped slats, intermittently linked, up and then down. And they would be crenelated with minimal supports to keep the two u-shaped slats away from each-other so that air could pass through. Wow that is hard to describe in words rather than in pictures. It would be easy to draw but there is no easy free drawing solution on the web that i can find.

JesusHChrist, Dec 04 2011

The_20Venetian_20Tie the tie that preceeds the shirt [xenzag, Dec 04 2011]


       I was a little worried that this would be another voyeuristic schemed garment with accompanying urge urge urging to watch inspirational nipple videos on youtube.
bungston, Dec 04 2011


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