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travel sweatshirt

inflatable pillow located in hood of sweatshirt
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Haven’t we all experienced those painstakingly long airplane trips, stuck in the middle of two strangers, copiously shivering because your America Airlines thin fleece blanket simply isn’t enough (cheap bastards), nodding off to sleep only to be woken up by your head falling over to one side… over and over again….yes its miserable…how about selling sweatshirts at airports with hoods that hold an inflatable neck pillow. This way, people can stay warm and get some sleep at the same time. At the side of the hood, close to the drawstring location is the inflatable mouth piece. (Or maybe even something that automatically inflates and deflates by a button…sort of like a scuba buoyancy compensator) Just blow up the pillow so your hood becomes cushioned and off to sleep you go. Deflate the pillow when you wake up, and you have a normal hooded sweatshirt again. This way you can conveniently carry your pillow while you wear your sweatshirt around the airport. And…..the sweatshirts can have appealing tourist stuff on them: sports teams, vacation hotspots visited, cities or states…
scubagal11, Aug 20 2004

similar idea http://www.halfbake...In_20Your_20Slicker
[po, Oct 04 2004]


       wow. that's quite the long sentence.. but a nice idea, welcome [scuba].
neilp, Aug 20 2004

       its better than those freakin, weird u shaped pillows. also the pillows that they give you that smell like old-guy-face, are hella sketch. one suggestion, keep it encoated by fabric that is comfortable. good start bij...i mean...scuba
adaziz, Aug 20 2004

       thanks guys! the hood itself would be the comfortable fabric
scubagal11, Aug 20 2004

       This sounds way better than that "velvet" Samsonite neck pillow I use for travelling. It makes me hot and it's uncomfortable as hell, but it's better than nothing (or the aptly dubbed old-guy-face pillow. Good one, [adaz]. heh). Bake it, [scubagal]! You'll be doing everyone a favor. Or maybe you'll want to rest your head on this fluffy croissant next time you travel. [+]
Machiavelli, Aug 20 2004

       A sleeping bag sweatshirt, superb! You could make a fortune out of this idea, I suspect.
harderthanjesus, Aug 20 2004

       Might I suggest that if you like sweatshirts and inflatable pillows when traveling, travel with an inflatable pillow while wearing a sweatshirt. If only the sweatshirt had a means of storing the deflated pillow, perhaps some sort of pocket ... [-]
bpilot, Aug 20 2004

       Wheyhey!! I've got a namesake! Cool name scubagal!   

       I like the idea, I always get a crick in my neck when flying and prefer to have my head titled to one side so a pillow built into the hood of a sweatshirt would be great. You could have a pillow around the neck as well as one over the top of your head, or even just inflate the whole hood slightly.   


       P.S. thanks [contracts] :)
scubadooper, Aug 20 2004


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