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Water-Flavored Chewing Gum

All the goodness of water in an easy-to-chew form!
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It's chewing gum that tastes like water. You don't taste the chicle; there's no sugar or artificial sweetener added; it's just natural water flavor. It would freshen the breath just as much as drinking a glass of water would, without having to locate a sink or fountain. The issue of flavor loss after prolonged chewing would cease to exist, possibly due to lowered expectations.

Future product line developments may include a water-filled center (such as in Freshen-Up), name-brand water gum (Klarbrunn, Evian, or for the cost-conscious consumer, Sam's Choice) and more risqué flavors such as those in the Perrier family (with natural carbonation!).

Come on...how many people have you heard complain about someone's awful water-breath? It's unobtrusive, unoffensive, effective in squelching bad breath without that annoying minty-fresh feeling, and more socially acceptable than chewing on your fingers.

boistmeef, May 23 2001

Yes... http://www.halfbake...ible_20silica_20gel
...though I fail to see the connection. [angel, May 23 2001]


       OK! Low in calories, too, I bet. Next we can develop water-flavored cigarettes.
Dog Ed, May 23 2001

       water-flavored cigarettes? the smoke would still be offensive to some...unless we could turn it into steam...   

boistmeef, May 23 2001

       Just chew the water-filled-center chewing gum at the same time you eat the edible silica gel and they cancel each other out. Like Steven Wright's joke about putting a humidifier and a dehumidifier in the same room and letting them fight it out.
ejs, May 23 2001


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