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Targeted Car Horn

Beep at the guy two cars ahead of you
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Ever been two or three cars back from a light that turns green, but the guy two cars ahead of you is daydreaming? But you just KNOW that if you honk your horn the guy in front of you is going to think you're beeping at HIM, and he'll think you're a jerk because there's obviously nowhere HE can go.

Enter the Targeted Car Horn. Using a crosshair gun sight and the latest accoustical engineering, this horn will allow you to honk at the guy causing the problem without making the guy in between think you're an idiot. Simply place the crosshair sight over the car you want to honk at in the H.U.D. (the H.U.D. will show a view from a camera above the car so you can target several cars ahead without going "through" the intervening cars), press the trigger, and the Targeted Car Horn will send a rousing HONK where it's needed, while remaining nearly inaudible to the guy caught in the middle.

mwburden, Jan 26 2001

(?) The Audio Spotlight http://sound.media..../~pompei/spotlight/
This is how. [egnor, Jan 26 2001, last modified Oct 21 2004]

The Audio Spotlight - archived page https://wayback.arc.../~pompei/spotlight/
[notexactly, Mar 27 2017]


PotatoStew, Jan 26 2001

       Parabolic reflectors. Ever been in one of those buildings where if you stand at one point you can hear someone whispering at the corresponding point at the other end of the building? Same thing, but on a smaller scale.
mwburden, Jan 26 2001

       Class idea but sometimes beeping your horn like an arsehole can get the guy in the car in front a smack in the mouth which can be really funny.
steffuk, Jan 26 2001

       Great link, egnor. So the only problem would be getting one of those speakers into a position where it has a clear shot at all the surrounding cars.
PotatoStew, Jan 26 2001

       My addition to this wonderful concept - have the targeted car's sound system turn on (if it is off) and have the beep go to that system.
lfiato, May 25 2005

       PotatoStew. Egnor. The ancients. Before my time as a baker.   

       But this idea I reinvented with mechanism: a parabolic dish with speaker within. The dish would project from the top of your car and be used to aim your honkly righteous wrath where it is deserved. Probably you would want it to fold down once you were going at high speeds.   

       This would be a fun science fair project as well. Rather than a car horn I envision a directional vuvuzela.
bungston, Mar 23 2017

       [bungston], my bun is for you.
Voice, Mar 23 2017

       I live on a street that is a main thoroughfare for ambulances and police. The noise of their sirens reflects off of the buildings around me and I can hear that stuff a half a mile away. It gets disturbingly loud the closer they get to my apartment building. If they could use something like this to limit the radius of the siren noise, well gee, that would be keen.
Size_Mick, Mar 26 2017


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