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Strobe lights wired to horn

Make you car heard AND seen in an emergency.
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Given how many cars are so damn sound-proofed, blaring music, or driven by hearing impaired people... why not wire a strobe into each of the front marker/turn signal to activate whenever you lay on the horn. This provides a visual alert many impaired (for whatever reason) drivers need to see in a split second situation.

One possible drawback...I have heard of some cities banning strobe lights on moving vehicles due to traffic signals that are set to change when they detect a strobe approaching (ie right-of-way for emergency vehicles). Though this would be no different ( if not safer) for somone who was going to run the light anyway (like enroute to the emergency room).

andrewkorbel, Apr 10 2001


       Would rainbow tinting look cool in strobe lights?
I could always move to another town, fail color vision and hearing tests at the motorists license bureau.
reensure, Apr 10 2001

       I'm all for anything that will serve to reduce the "I think my head is a suppository" syndrome so prevalent on our roads today.
c-chris-c, Apr 10 2001

       Ouch! Yes, strobe lights might cut through someone's sound-proofing. They might also set off seizures. It's bad enough being unable to drive--because you might have a seizure. Imagine being unable to *walk* down the street because some idiot decided the guy in front of him wasn't moving quickly enough, and leaned on a strobing horn.   

       Most honking is unnecessary, and most of the rest is aimed at people who won't see the strobe anyway: the guy honking to say "your ride is here," because there's no place to park, isn't aiming at the car next to him, he's aiming at someone upstairs, who isn't looking out the window anyway.   

       For every soundproofed or otherwise impaired driver who might notice the signal, you're risking distracting someone who it's not addressed to, and increasing the danger.
Redbird, Apr 10 2001

       hmmmmmmm. I'm thinking of mounting strobe lights very hidden in the grille.
thumbwax, Apr 10 2001

       Redbird... The horn on your car is for emergency/urget situations that demand you get peoples attention... Now if one uses it to announce their presence to pick somone up... that's their business... One could come up with just as many 'alternative' uses for a horn where the added strobe would be benificial.   

       A horn distracts more people than a strobe by itself would (a lone audible warning is quite often hard to pinpoint), but when used in addition to the horn one can instantly see who is tooting thier horn.   

       If people use their horn too much where you live, I would agree this might be too distracting... but I'd wager most of the world uses their horn only once or twice a month.
andrewkorbel, Apr 10 2001

       Never been to Armenia or Turkey, huh.
thumbwax, Apr 11 2001


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