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Ultrasound Horn

ultrasound car horn
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Although most of the time that a driver honks his horn, he desires that the sound be heard in all directions, there are occasions when he really only wants the driver of the car in front of him to hear the horn.

I propose to have, in addition to the regular car horn, a sound from ultrasound device which projects a car-horn-type-sound directly forward.

goldbb, Mar 10 2009

You need something like this: Ventriloquist_20Horn
Project your horn somewhere else. [neelandan, Mar 11 2009]

The ideal companion Invisibling
[coprocephalous, Mar 11 2009]

A couple of grand for a car horn? Bargain. https://www.audioli...&specific=jnmmoqhqi
[coprocephalous, Mar 11 2009]


       sp: he/she
po, Mar 11 2009

       //sp: he/she// sp:they
FlyingToaster, Mar 11 2009


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