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Tasteful Pager

A new device that would be kept in your mouth that emits a certian taste when you are paged
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This would be perfect for all the E heads and Rave people when they are at some big club. The little device would glow in the dark and be kept in the mouth much like the glow sticks people keep there anyway, but instead of just glowing it would emit a certain flavor like strawberries or watermellon when someone paged you. At the taste you would then know to check your pager or cell phone. No longer will your grinding with someone be interupted by "unwanted" vibrating or annoying beeping. It would also be cool for the movies, as it would not disturb everyone else in the theater.
Vavon, Jul 13 2001


       A cool extension of the pager idea would be a nose ring that lights up and flashes when you get a page. I mean how cool would it be if everytime you got a page your nose flashed. I would never personally use any of this but I think enough people out there like to be differnt that it would seel. I would probably get to the point where people have differnt shaped Flashing nose studs. Like stars, circles, and squares.
Vavon, Jul 23 2001

       Maybe by utilizing caller ID the pager could use different flavors depending on who paged you.   

       Chocolate - Your S.O.
Sour grapes - Your ex-wife
Passionfruit - Your mistress
Coffee - Your boss
Lemon - Your mechanic
mwburden, Jul 23 2001

       Don't even ask what the plumber would be...
StarChaser, Jul 23 2001

       o.o would a doctor paging you be the taste of blood? Or maybe even the taste of a popsicle stick.
corybanticcherry, Oct 27 2001


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