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Tasty medicin

Replace that nasty medicin taste with fruity flavours
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You can get vitamin pill for children tasting of (something similar to) orange or strawberry - yummi! I never have any trouble getting my kid to take her vitamins.

But antibiotics for example! Yuk! Tastes like medicin no matter what we coat it with. Even chocolate-covered medicin goes flying across the room.

It must be possible to make medicin like vitamin-pills. I think even grown ups would appreciate that!

Loweyes, Mar 07 2003


       Chocolate covered liquid?
Shz, Mar 07 2003

       a nice tasting placebo is just a smartie.
po, Mar 07 2003

       mmmmmmm, smarties....
ato_de, Mar 07 2003

       i always enjoyed the taste of Calpol.
sambwiches, Mar 07 2003

       Sp. medicine. As [bliss] states, there is an obvious and compelling reason *not* to do this. 'Nuff said, I should think.
snarfyguy, Mar 07 2003

       never occurred to me about medicine tasting intentionally bad. if i ever have kids, they won't last long.
sambwiches, Mar 07 2003

       No [Bliss], that would be my cousin smarteeguy. Actually, yeah, the U.K. Smarties are yummy - like super good M&Ms. The U.S. Smarties are a tart yet bituminous crumbly sucking candy for which I do not care.
snarfyguy, Mar 07 2003

       I think it goes like this:
U.K.: coated choco bits = Smarties
U.S.: tart sucker bits = Smartees
snarfyguy, Mar 07 2003


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