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'Take a Chance' Pill

Spice up pill taking with a bit of Risk
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It's well known that users of illicit drugs are rolling the dice every time they ingest whatever dubious chemical has been proffered to them by some sketchy criminal in a alleyway, concert or street corner. Perhaps it's what the user wanted or, just perhaps, it's a mischievous blend of rat poison, talcum powder and floor sweepings. The thrill is magnified by the risk.

But what about MY demographic who limits themselves to ingesting the occasional panadol or aspirin and wouldn't be caught dead at a rave swallowing god knows what? If there's ever a market crying out for a bit of livening up - it's my group.

My proposal is the creation of the 'Take a Chance' brand of generic medicine. There's a 1 in 100 chance that the carefully tailored medicine, scientifically crafted in a clean, FDA-approved lab is actually designed to INCREASE my headache.

Now when I take my otherwise boring tablet my mind will be racing: "Is this the one?" "Is my headache getting better - or worse?" "What was I thinking?" In a way, this alone could take one's mind off their ailment making one feel better - or is that merely what 'they want you to think'?

I've already got a slogan: "Bayer Beware!"

AusCan531, Jun 25 2020


       Why restrict it to pills? One in a hundred tea has contain powerful laxative, etc.
pocmloc, Jun 25 2020

       I used to play a version of this very game in the late 90's after temporarily storing a batch of e's in the same pot as some regular painkillers and never quite getting around to sorting everything out properly.   

       Having a headache, for a while became a quite a dicey business.
zen_tom, Jun 25 2020

       I love this.   

       For my 16th birthday, I asked my boyfriend to surprise me with a box of random pills from his momma's generous supply. He did. There were all kinds of colors and shapes. For fun, I would take a couple not knowing if I would get sleepy, or speedy.   

       I also asked him for a case of Annie Greensprings Apple wine, which he gave me as well.   

       Is anyone noticing a pattern early on here? My mother didn't catch on till I was 40.   

       Oh wait, and what kdf said about the add-ons.
blissmiss, Jun 25 2020

       You're pillin my leg.
Voice, Jun 25 2020

       I knew there was plenty of scope for add-ons and extrapolation. Gotta leave something for discussion purposes and you guys will come up with versions I'd never think of.
AusCan531, Jun 26 2020


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