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Teachers with HMD

cheap compuvision glasses plus digital facial thermography tell teachers who is paying attention plus create opportunities to optimize teaching
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You are a teacher

Viewing the High school class through your liquid crystal display glasses you see colors superimposed over the students (a little like the Sims crystal) plus a list of those about to doze to call on at the side; you can call up a teleprompter about the words to speak during the lesson with finger gestures

pretty much the entire point is maintaining attention to the purpose of creating a measurable knowledge retention rate; I think a third better is rapidly achievable It might be the case that ordinary teachers reach the knowledge retention rate of the upper 3 pt of teachers as the software coaches their mannerisms

Technology There is a truth detector based on IR imaging of the difference between facial capillary radius with pulse (anbar patent) at link it works pretty well at detecting emotional state as an active response to words as well as pictures

My thought was that an ordinary high school teacher could use cheap HMD (head mounted display) glasses to place a floating chart of who was n who wasn't paying attention during class Then the software could suggest talking with those who were drifting; with sufficient research the optimal teacher mannerisms could be developed perhaps improving teaching efficiency as measured with knowledge retention 20 pt or a third greater

I figure a third more efficient teaching has authentic value

Teachers now would likely say they are aware of who is near dozing yet I think part of the softwares value would be actively cueing the teacher to take action; kind of like a to do list on the periphery of the visual field

Plus there is the opportunity to train mannerisms generally such that regular teachers grab attention perhaps like motivational speakers yet achieve the highly valued knowledge retention measurement

kind of an optimized teacher as cyborg, well, VR glasses wearer

beanangel, Oct 15 2008

Remote sensing of mental emotional state with digital IR thermography http://www.google.c...saAAAAEBAJ&dq=anbar
The present invention comprises methods and apparatus for assessment of the effects mental stress involving the measurement of periodic changes in skin perfusion. Using a remotely mounted infrared camera, dynamic area telethermometry (DAT) measures the autonomic nervous activity by monitoring and quantitatively analyzing the modulation of cutaneous perfusion. When people gets "nervous" their sympathetics "act up" and they blush (vasodilates) or becomes pale (vasoconstricts). A DAT test of the face proves to be a superior "lie detector" test since emotional stress is reflected in an autonomic nervous response that can be measured remotely. DAT is much more sensitive than any visual assessment of skin color or than instrumental measurement of diaphoresis. Not only is it more reliable than currently used polygraph tests, but its non-contact administration is so simple and innocuous that it could be done without the subject's awareness. [beanangel, Oct 15 2008]


       [Ian Tindale] knows who is paying attention   

       I think part of the value is the to do list aspect, people get more done with lists plus programmatic opportunities   

       I think I might realize n learn I was supposed to work the room plus emphasize or reemphasize certain things   

       As creepy as this sounds I'm aware that watchpersons patrolling a factory usually key an "I'm here" detector at certain points on the route, otherwise as there is no monitor the couch and the donuts have a loud call, er that is to say, performance degrades absent supervision. Teaching is a humanity. I value that. I think many teachers might value a digital optimizer + reminder + teleprompter though   

       If the digital thermography is able to to spot when students get (aha!) an idea, much as a truth detector detects when people get a reaction then I could practice till I doubled or tripled the number of students with detectable Get (aha!) reactions to my teaching
beanangel, Oct 15 2008

       I think any possible gains would be lost along with the loss of eye contact. If I was in a class where the teacher was wearing something so I couldn't look them in the eye, I would loose interest because I would loose to much of the presentation.
MisterQED, Oct 16 2008

       "Homework of Mass Destruction"
FlyingToaster, Oct 16 2008

       Why waste time trying to teach children that aren't paying attention? Wouldn't your time be better spent teaching those that cared about an education? You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make them not wind up flipping burgers for a living.
MikeD, Oct 16 2008

       //you need to tighten it all up then// ?????? Sorry, I think I'm missing either an axiomatic translation or an English/American one. My guess is that [IT] doesn't think eye contact is important, but how is that possible. I don't teach, but the best teachers I ever had made everyone, even everyone in a 300 person auditorium feel like they were being instructed personally. If you want to do this, mount all the cameras and sensing equipment permanently in the room and relay all the information to the teacher thru an earpiece.
MisterQED, Oct 17 2008

       [MisterQED] I think Mr Tindale was playing with you vis a vis your spelling of lose as loose //I would loose interest because I would loose to much of the presentation// Tightening up being something appropriate for someone who's evidently suffering from too much looseness.
zen_tom, Oct 17 2008

       If the students, instead of seeing the teacher's eyes, saw little holographic representations of their eyes, then everyone in the auditorium would have the impression the teacher was looking right at them - meanwhile, the teachercould just be looking at their notes.
hippo, Oct 17 2008

       Ah, thank you. I guess it as a quick-wit to dim-wit translation.
MisterQED, Oct 17 2008

       If you're trying to build a rapport with your class, hiding your eyes is a terrible way to do it.   

       I think that my disagreement with this idea is the suggestion that teaching is no more than the transfer of facts. If you ask people what they remember about school, they won't start listing verbs or formulae at you, rather, they will recall the social structure and interaction, the friendships, enmities and life lessons they got there. If you reduce it to the equivalent of plugging in a data jack, you'll lose a lot.
david_scothern, Oct 18 2008


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