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educational nursing homes and funding assistance through university impersonation
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Are you saving enough to send your grandparents to UniNursity?

The current crop of nursing homes are some of the most depressing and dysfunctional facilities I have seen in recent memory. Alternatively, Universities can't help but build larger, more luxurious campus facilities at the direction of their aging and soon to be geriatric donors.

We currently have all sorts of programs that give breaks to parents and students attempting to save for college. Fewer exist in the case of extended care which first don't rob the family of every semi-liquid asset.

We need an entirely different approach. I propose setting up a 'college' that would simply accept very old students, and offer classes in senior-interest activities, hobbies, as well as degree programs. The 'UniNursity' would attempt to have its programs and students in attendance qualify for all the standard educational low-interest loans and grants, and perhaps even be run as an offshoot of an established University, with much more intensive care and the bulk of the cost in higher room and board fees. Of course the 'dorm' would be your standard nursing home with communal areas and more classrooms available.

To offset the costs, perhaps the UniNursity could arrange for an educational exchange. I picture a collaberation between the medical school and the geriatric center in training and internships, optional experimental drug therapy, etc. The elderly population could choose to agree to donate their bodies to science after their time is up for use in gross anatomy training classes.

RayfordSteele, Dec 20 2007


       I would want to go here when I am old enough to qualify. Another benefit the elderly would provide is a source for oral history. Students could interview their older classmates for credit.   

       The baby boomer generation thinks they are still college students anyway. I believe they would buy into this in droves...
dbsousa, Dec 20 2007

phoenix, Dec 20 2007

       Universities are funded more by lottery proceeds, athletics, government funded research, tuition, and private donations (I think in that order). If the same capitalization rules were applied to elder care and to the elimination of welfare, say in the quest for national security, I'm sure the grand palaces and research arms of univerities would still fill to capacity and prosper with their new mission.
reensure, Dec 20 2007

       Universities, and other centers of learning, are actually seeing a huge uptick in aged students, as more and more people retire with their faculties intact.   

       Continued education is, in fact, an excellent way to keep the elderly engaged and active, and staves off mental degeneration. So cut the "impersonation" part, and make it a genuine center of education (in all fairness, that's what your description implies).
DrCurry, Dec 20 2007

       The 'impersonation' is only for paperwork means, really, to lump together grants for scholarships with the costs of caring for the elderly.
RayfordSteele, Dec 21 2007


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