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Team Fortress: The Show

Two teams compete in a "war" for a cool million $$$ (or such).
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Two teams consisting of many members stuck in the middle of the wilderness plan and stage "objectives"against the opposing team. Successful completion of an objective earns points.

Each member is armed with a "laser tag" weapon. These come in the form of "guns" and "melee weapons". The guns fire lasers, that "tag" you. The melee weapons (not axes, or batons as such, but things like modified plasticky high tech toy swords) tag people based on contact.

Everyone has a number of "hit points". Being tagged sees you losing hit points. With the guns, one tag loses one hit point. With melee weapons, points lost depends on contact with other person. Friendly fire WILL cause loss of hit points.

Upon losing all hit points, you are "killed" and therefore "dead". You will be kicked out of the game, and disqualified from all prize money, no matter how much of a contribution you have made.

To determine whether someone has been "killed" (i.e. lose their "hit points", something such as bright florescent paint would explode all over their combat gear. To combat cheating from taking it off, the package EXPLODES, and thus wearer DISQUALIFIED when removed outside of certain "free" hours (eg. for bathing. Millitary action is not allowed during this period as well).

Objectives could include tagging a specific person, guarding an object, stealing that object, tagging an enemy building, trying to take a position, raising a team flag behind enemy lines, etc.

Special missions involving different teams may have different objectives based around a similar thing. One team may have to protect an important VIP. The other might have to tag the same VIP. Successful completion would give the winning team possession of a "artifact", giving the holder triple firing rate, hit point recovery ("healing") or invulnerability. Of course, you can steal them from the team holding them.

The team with more points from successful objectives or least casualties gets the prize money to divide amongst itself.

In the teams, there are different "classes". A "sniper's" laser tag weapon would have sights, and a longer range. A certain class might be the only one to pull off a certain objective. A "medic" could heal team members around him with a healing artifact, while another class would only be able to heal themselves. Also certain classes could stop use of artifacts when tagging their carriers.

The dividing up of the cash would also cause drama: who deserves a bigger share? Mutiny? Would an alliance between comrades form, just to have someone stab everyone else in the back?

This would take place over a period of several weeks, and a War Correspondent (game show host) would report the progress of the teams.

In response to the cameras, a combination of styles would probably be the way to go. Most of the time, they would be personal hand held cameras, or ALIENS style headcams. During coverage of large battles and raids (that are known), a helicopter would cover them. Also camera posts and lookouts would film the surroundings. Also, some camera posts and other objects such as SENTRY GUNS would have cameras that can be both used by both broadcaster and team that holds them.

mrkillboy, Jul 18 2000

crossfire http://www.channel4.com/xfire
the channel four gameshow involving paint. Mwuhahahahahaaaaaaaaaa!! [kaz, Jul 18 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       I'd like to see this without the division of the prize among the winning team members, i.e., anyone hit with a laser (or anyone hit a sufficient number of times) is out, and the last one standing wins the whole prize. That way, if one team dwindles to a few players while the other remains strong, it would become tempting for a mutinous sub-group from the strong team to attack the weak group in hopes of taking over their fortress to hold out against the remnants of the previously-strong group.   

       One possible problem: In the wilderness, you'd pretty much have to film this with camera crews and/or helicopters, rather than stationary cameras. The presence of these camera crews could compromise the stealth of the participants during a raid, ambush, etc.   

       Still, I think this could be fun.
beauxeault, Jul 18 2000

       Maybe instead of having camera crews all over (though this would still be useful in eg the bases or whatever fixed positions to cover the action), each player could be equiped with a wearable camera/broadcast rig as part of their "communications" package; then creative editors could create a very interesting show from mostly first person footage.
amadeus, Jul 18 2000

       If your 'War Correspondent' was Jeff Probst (Survivor's host) or the host from 'Big Brother' I'd tune in just to see HIM get splattered with fluorescent dye every week.   

       Better yet, splatter them with something more nauseating. Call it poetic justice, since these hosts make me sick just watching them.
BigThor, Jul 26 2000

       have you seen the program on channel 4 called 'crossfire'? tis kinda like what you describe, but not quite. I'll post a link.
kaz, Oct 10 2001

       Very cool idea, but i believe that first person footage is too shaky and would not be sufficient to make a watchable battle sequence. Therefore having a ready-made enviroment with static cameras high above ground, that could rotate and cover the whole battle ground would make it much more watchable. That plus the first person footage would make a very cool wargame show. I think having production elements joing games, playing the third party would be nice two. Imagine both teams get a message that a convoy of weapons and health is going to go through the clearing. Or have "refugees" cross the battle field. Eliminating the would mean loosing health or something like that.
Ptah, Aug 06 2002

       Hmmmm .... a sort of super day-by-day paintball-cum-lasermaze survivor game .... film from the opposing team's ops rooms; interviews with team members ... combat footage ... War without actual war. Add trenches, rain, mud etc. so that the audience see just how unpleasant combat is for soldiers, even without anyone shooting at them. I'm sure the "camera team" problems can be overcome. Sounds good. Croissant.
8th of 7, Aug 06 2002

       Camera posts would have to be disguised: there's no better way to give away an undercover raiding party than having a bunch of video cameras following them.
Perhaps two-way mirrors on the camera towers? (I'm thinking towers here)
NickTheGreat, Aug 07 2002

       [mfd] wibnittisi (pick one: halo, quake, tribes) wr?   

       still, I'd watch.
sninctown, Mar 27 2006


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