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The Banker

Inverse Deal or No Deal.
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"Deal or No Deal" is a popular yet advertisement-laden and horribly simplistic game show hosted by Howie Mandel and viewed by brain-dead masses in which contestants attempt to win up to one million dollars. More details are available on the link.

It occurred to me immediatley after watching Rat Race that hiliarity ensues when a group of wealthly individuals sits down and makes ordinary folk chase after exquisite sums of money. About two years and three minutes ago later it also occured to me that this very same situation provides us with an arguably ethical method of testing human behaviour.

What I am suggesting is that we take a team of actuaries and psychology doctorates and have them act as bankers on the Deal or No Deal show. The goal for each team is to lose as little money as possible in the long run. They can do so only by varying the amount of money the banker offers after each round of play. By observing mannerisms, demographics, and other tendencies of the contestant, the teams try to manipulate the values to try and get the contestants to buy out as cheaply as possible.

The information gleaned from this study may be invaluable for promotional firms with information about getting the most attraction while giving away the least, or for institutional lawyers on how to settle for the least amount of money. But it would most likely be worthless.

Also, my mouse broke today.

Cuit_au_Four, Oct 17 2006

WikiPedia Entry http://en.wikipedia...iki/Deal_or_No_Deal
I save you 5 seconds by doing the searching for you. [Cuit_au_Four, Oct 17 2006]


       I can't see "Deal or No Deal: Behind the Scenes" being much more interesting than the original, advertisement-laden and horribly simplistic game show.
Texticle, Oct 17 2006

       (+) I'd watch almost anything that has a bunch of people discuss strategy using psychology and math. (Wishing poker was a team sport...)   

       Also, get rid of the models, and instead use normal people, and have a team decide where to hide the money. Tell each holder how much is in his or her bag. Allow the player to ask one question of the holder (the holder can lie, but must answer). As an incentive, split the leftover money with the last remaining briefcase holder.
jutta, Oct 17 2006


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